Sunday, July 24, 2016

On the Road Again ~ Our 2016 Cross Country Travels By the Numbers

Since returning from our two and a half week cross country 
camping trip...coast to coast...
New York to California, with 
stops in between for
natural, historic, literary and, 
of course, generally f-u-n sights,
there's so much to record here and share with you!
Thought I'd start with a basic run-down 'by-the-numbers.'
I'm kind of a list person, as you know, and so to journal about
the adventure, initially, checklist-ish, is a  pretty good way
 for me to keep a handle on the  details for myself
 as well as sharing some of the moments
big AND little, with you all!

Here's last night's post ~~ a  photojournal of the trip

Oh, there are blog posts aplenty to come!
Pictures, reviews of places and sites,
commentary of the journey!
I think I've "enough"  blogging posts stored up for 
q-u-i-t-e some time!

So here goes~


 18 days
duration of the trip

pictures taken~

Don't pnic....I won't share all of them!
24 states 
visited...or at least driven through!

 1 day of rain
Wow, were we lucky!

Took this photo from the car as we neared Oklahoma City 
on our second night out


47 license plates spotted!
My younger son kept a tally.
He is still missing Alaska, Delaware and Rhode Island.
(Yes we did actually spot a Hawaii plate!)

8,721 miles driven
coast to coast

23 gas tank fill ups

2 times 
crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on foot!

18 national parks,
monuments, battlefields visited

Yosemite National Park in CA

12 wacky or unique  sign pictures
Not as many as in previous travels

Lost track of
the number of times I panicked that I would not be able to get out of the Grand Canyon
on day two of our hike ascending this natural wonder of the world

 See all those faint "markings?"
Those are trail switchbacks that we hiked to get down and back
 from rim to Colorado River and back to rim.

 10.3 miles
down and 10.3 miles back up again--
on the South Kaibab Trail from the Grand Canyon's south rim
to the Colorado River at Phantom Ranch and back again.

9 1/2 hours
time it took us to ascend the Canyon trail.
We left at 2 AM and arrived at the south rim at 11:30 AM.
The first two hours were magnificent.
The last 7 1/2 were hell.

Roadside geology lessons
Given by my hubby, 
who's an earth science teacher and geology enthusiast

Only 2 drives down Lombard Street
(left, taken from the car.
Right, after I jumped out and ran down the street 
to get a shot of the van ON Lombard)

50 million years
Age of these Knightia fish we discovered while digging
at Ulrich's Quarry in WY.

 1 box of graham crackers / 
1 bag of marshmallows/ 
1 package of Hershey's chocolate bars
   eaten up for our s'mores~!


number of times that someone actually asked us if we are homeschoolers
because our children are "so polite and outgoing!"
Talk about making our day!

 0 flat tires or auto breakdowns!
7 times
 someone asked us
"Where are you from?"
"What part of NY are you from?
Do we really sound that New Yawkish????
 And then 1 of those people told us he was surprised because we're
not how he'd picture NYers.
Is that a compliment?

song sung,
 as we left our campground each morning:
(Thanks Willie)

But sometimes, 
< depending on how everyone was getting along. >

8 loads of laundry
 once we arrived home


~pounds of rocks the hubby brought home for his classroom
( and his own kids!)
But not from the national parks, of course, whose slogan is,
"Take only pictures; leave only footprints."
Unscheduled, unhurried, unplugged memories

 Thanks for the visit to my On the Road Again travel series!
I'll be back with lots more soon


                                                                 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

On the Road Again: Photojournal of our 2016 Coast to Coast Road Trip!

You guys!
I missed you!

We're home after two and half weeks on the road....
And I'm back to blogging after extended time away, given the trip
prep, the trip itself and the few days settling back in.
You know, all that glorious unpacking and laundry fun.

It's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to blog
 here at my home on the web.
When we travel, we travel.
There are no devices with us on the road,
except the basic cell phones for safety's sake........
 Hey, we all got along without
being connected way back in the day, right?
Taking a family trip without distraction of social media 
may seem archaic, but it works for us.
Facebook, instagram and twitter will all be there
 when we pull into the driveway  at the end of the journey, no?
Mainly, my friends..........I'm 
so happy that you have  stopped in  to visit!!
I'll have lots of travel posts in the coming weeks on some of the 
highlights...and some of the low points........
 and I wanted to start off today with a scrapbook of our jaunt.
Not tremendous commentary, just photos telling the story.
Here we go~~

Leaving NY...approaching the Verrazano Bridge~
Brooklyn/Belt Parkway
5:30AM day one

Fireworks at our campground!
4th of July weekend
9PM ~ Day One
Mammoth Cave Kentucky
991 miles from home in 16 hours.
The road, the sky, the drive 
Day Two

 Interstate 40 in Texas,
a gorgeous cross against a gorgeous sky~ 

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado
Day 3

Sunset on the 4th of July at the top of the Dunes

The open road
Day 4

Monument Valley Utah/Arizona
Take 2...
we were here two years ago!
We love it so much we can't stay away.
Day 5

Lowell Observatory
"Home of Pluto"
Pluto was discovered here in 1930 by 
custodian and astronomy enthusiast, Clyde Tombaugh.
Flagstaff AZ
Day 6

The scene of some scary stuff.
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
We hiked in and spent the night at Phantom Ranch....
at the very bottom.
Day 7

Signs to be taken very seriously.

Despite the difficulty hiking
the 10 miles and 5000 feet in,
 it was actually pretty cool to be among the less than 1% of the 
five million visitors to the Canyon annually
 who actually make it to the bottom
( and back again!)

 Our home for the night.
More soon on how to reserve a spot and some practical tips for 
hiking the Canyon, whether you're going all the way down
or just a mile in.

The black light special?
A ranger scares the heck out of the boys
(not me, I was in bed already after the arduous hike!)
   by shining a light on 
a seemingly vacant rock by the Colorado River and finding a scorpion.

 .....and more hike/switchback shots of the 2nd day of the hike.
Ten miles and 5000 feet of switchbacks and dirt trails.
That was Day 8

 The adorable Canyon Lodge of Selgman, AZ on route 66,
where we stayed  the night of our hike.
No camping that night.
I would never have gotten up once I slid down into my sleeping bag
with those sore muscles.
Day 9

Some route 66 scenes in western AZ

 Day 10
My hubby, Earth Science teacher and geology enthusiast,
needed to hunt down the fault.


Day 11
The City by the Bay
We've visited San Francisco before, but needed to see it again
while in CA. 
 Here are the highlights of the day~~~~
Coit Tower, seen from Lombard Street

 We walked across the bridge from the Presidio to the north side and back again.

 Hot fudge sundae and clam chowder sourdough bowls anyone?


Yosemite National Park, CA
Day 13

 Yosemite Falls
 El Capitan

 ..a gorgeous church on the valley floor.......

Bridal Veil Falls


Day 14
Interstate 80 east and
the drive from CA to our next stop in southern WY!
Yikes, remember when the speed limit used to be a nationwide 55?


Day 14
Stone aquariums~

An in depth post is soon to come on our morning at Ulrich's Fossil Quarry,
as I was generously granted a media pass to "fish" through the layers of
sandstone for 50 million year old fish, ferns and other life that has been preserved there
in their quarry near Fossil Butte National Monument in WY.

Wanna see what we "caught" in the Green River Formation? 
  This is called Knightia
 And here are the layers of shale that you carefully split to discover fossils

 This is the Ulrich Gallery, above

and here's the butte, below~

Believe me, lots of fascinating geology  to come soon!! 


 Day 15
Driving from WY to SD---
to our next stop~~
We saw this curious and adorable creature by the roadside:

Day 16
Mt Rushmore, SD

 WHen was the last time you saw North by Northwest ?
Remember the  famous restaurant scene? Well, here it is~ 


Day 17
Sunset along Interstate 90 SOuth Dakota through Indiana

Day 17

...the Mitchell Corn Palace in SD :

and driving past Chicago on Interstate 90 that night

 Day 18
Beautiful rural areas along the interstate~~

 Crossing the Mississippi:
 and the photos I took of the NYC skyline as we got to NY
 just did not come out.....

THANK YOU for visiting~
I look forward to sharing more of our travels with you soon!

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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