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Bargain Priced Books & Curriculum: Huge Variety for Sale from PreK to High School

Looking for some deals on homeschool curriculum/books/supplies?
You've definitely come to the right place!
I have a wealth of resources to share
as we're no longer homeschooling after 14 years.
In addition, since I taught for 12 years prior to that, there is a plethora of
books,  activities and supplies that I'm offering here as well.

Everything from phonics word tiles to basic math flashcards to
Revolutionary War  and ancient civilization activity books to AP test
prep to pre calculus ...it's all here~ 

Friends- Everything posted here is in excellent/like new condition.
If there is writing on any page, I state as   much in the description.

I have discounted DEEPLY on these items in order to have a flash sale.
I'd like to find a second home for these beloved items and perhaps recoup a
bit of the cost of their purchase.

  Here are the  details about how to  buy:

1. How to get in touch with me: Please comment below or email me at campfiresandcleats@gmail.com to let me know you wish to purchase  an item/s.
2. Payment: Cash or money order or personal check. < I cannot accept paypal. >
3. Shipping: Postage  will be added to the cost of the item you are purchasing based on the item's weight and your zip code.   I'll give you the exact amount the PO will be charging and you can add this fee to the cost of the of the items you're buying. 
< I'm sorry, but I can only ship to the US~~ just the 50 states.>> 

** Payment is required before shipping. Several times in the past I've sent items out and  never received payment.  I can't take the chance any more. I hope you understand. ** 

Let's make this an even easier sale to shop:
If you share this post along with a  personal note about the high quality and bargain prices,  I'll take 10% off your purchase.  Please provide me with the link to  your blog, your fb page, pinterest page, twitter, etc . (If you simply tell me you shared but do not provide details.............  sorry, but that's not "enough" for a discount. )

                                        THANKS for shopping, sharing and buying!!
So let's get started ....
I'll keep the items posted by curricular area to make it a bit 
more organized.


~ English~  

Huge assortment of phonics resources:
letter/word tiles
flip directory

Contraction "keys"
Assortment of 30

25 Disney storybooks

Illustrated Swiss Family Robinson

Disney Storybook
Gold edged pages- illustrated-hardcover

5 Pooh books

Sleepy Hollow
Hardcovered ~ illustrated'
Tom Sawyer
Hardcovered- illustrated

Grade 8 Hewiitt Homeschool Co
Lightning Lit and Comp
Two binders---TM and Stud book

Collection of 9 Boxcar Children books
$ 8

Engl from the Roots Up
I swear my kids' vocab is amazing due to this book!

HT Teach your Children Shakespeare

Awesome version of MacBeth$6

Blank journal
Brand new

Children's Lit
 A classic

Two Sesame St books

Gr 7 Writing and Grammar
Two books comprise the TM
You would supplement with the actual pieces of literature
Fantastic curriculum

Rosemary Sutcliffe's classic translation
of The Odyssey (Wanderings of Odysseus)
 and The  Iliad  (Black Ships Before Troy)
Both books for $10



DVD & test booklet & teacher's manual 

Pre algebra
Still sealed!
Student book & test booklet

Pre algebra
Stud book ( a few pp written in ) 
Teacher's manual

Math U See
Teachers Manual

Math U See
Test booklet and Teacher's Manual

Math U See
Teacher's Manual

Math U See
Test booklet

Math U See
Pre calc
Teacher's manual & Solutions book & DVD
Teen coder and Kidcoder
Each comes with cd too
One book   for $10
Both for $15 

Abeka Algebra 1

Spectrum Math grade 6

Seton's Math gr 2

Twist and Shout addition fun
batteries included


History/ Geography
Story of the WOrld vol 4
The Modern Age
Teacher's manual/activity book PLUS student book
both books $20

 Story of the World
Vol 3 
Early Modern Times:
From Elizabeth 1 to the 49ers
Both books:
Teacher's manual/activity book PLUS student book $20

 Rand McNally picture atlas

 Ancient Edgypt assortment of 6 books 
PLUS mummy kit for $15

Two president books

 Civil War activity book--
purchased at Gettysburg
Amazing book
Usborne Explorers

Usborne Time Traveller

Setauket spy ring trilogy
<< local revolutionary war history>>
all 3 books for $6 

7 Revolutionary War books.....
Fantastic assortment
All pictured here for $10 

Geography ~ workbook for middle grades
Teacher Created Materials


 Grade 6 geography resources
Spectrum World Geography 
Evan Moor Daily Geo Review
Both books for $12

Still sealed
USA map puzzle

Approx 20 Cobblestone mags
(I think there's 23 here)
All titles picture in both photos for $ 15 

 Which Way USA activity books PLUS maps
There are approx 36 books and approx a dozen maps.
Entire collection for $20


~ Science ~

 Chemistry kit
Never used/never opened
Exc cond

How it Works

crystal growing kit

All 4 pop up books for $15

 Seoctrum Sciene gr 7
 Two MSB books
One paper/one hardcovered
both books for $8

 All Hands of a Child --complete curriculum...
Fantastic company...amazing resources
$10 each
two for $16
all 5 shown here $38 

Approx 22 ZooBooks
Phenomenal sci resources
Entire collection for $14 


Homeschool resources



A homeschooling classic

Honey for a Child's Geart
Amazing booklists

~Religious ed~

Stations CD
Holy Heroes

 Hands down the best rosary resource there is
 How to pray the rosary
Each mystery explained in graphic novel format

 Advent at Ephesus
USed once


Two of Arnold Ytreeide's classic liturgical year classics
These were staples of my family's year!
Wonderful books
Both for $10 

Hilarious books!
Every Catholic Mom needs a copy

Boexed set
Lives of the Saints
Gold on page edges
Gorgeous books in case

  Balt Catechism
vol 1 and vol 2




 Two copies of Latine Ludere 1
$6 each
both for #10



Crayola Star Wars and Cars fun
All in photo for $8

Drawing book

Mike Venezia's Life of the Artist series

 Two Halloween stained glass paint kits
Both for $4

 Huge comic book assortment
about 24 books are here
I bought it on amazon so my son could get an orig Batman comic...
it was rather costly, but that's the only way I could get the one I wanted  
Entire collection for $15
make an offer on individual titles 


Office supplies

laptop bag

80 colored folders
(all 80 are here)

4 pocket charts
Essential for any  homeschool room
each one $6
All four $20  

AP prep/college info

College book

AP World History prep 2016



Huge Spanish dictionary plus flashcards
Both for $8

I have two level one Spanish student books/workbooks
Both for $10


Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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