Friday, January 18, 2013

~ Friday Photo~

Tapping out his  weekly spelling patterns on his nifty little laptop. A little tech incentive to get the work done!

Yup, in the shadow of the classic Van Gogh  featured in "Vincent and the Doctor."
TARDIS + Starry Night = Classic.
  Don't know that ep?? Oh my, please, go check it out during some down time you may blessedly receive this weekend. Very powerful. And have a box of tissues ready toward the end. Really.

Notice: red bow tie on frame of Vincent's work......Bow ties are cool.

The rock candy we made a month or so ago, is rather attractive there as well!
 Lovely blue shade this time, in the  super saturated solution. 

My 2012 photo reflection is finally posted! THAT was a feat. Almost 2500 shots to sift through!

Have a lovely day, friends.

I may be stopping back later to post some pictures of our Artful Friday. This week's art  focus has been 19th century French artist, Paul Cezanne. I have used some awe inspiring resources this week and to tie it all up,  we plan to tackle a Cezanne-ish project this afternoon!

I will announce the winner of my giveaway here tomorrow! Thank you to all who entered!
I cannot wait to share this fantastic  title with one of you!




  1. A fellow Dr. Who fanatic! Exciting!

    My wife and I are currently "stuck" at the end of season 4...our friend won't let us continue until we see the the three movies before season 5...

    Your family is beautiful.

    1. Taylor-
      Awesome, I always love meeting fellow Whovians!!
      Welllll, I can see your friend's point, but we did not watch any of those extra movies made here and there throughout the series, until just you can actually move on......just fyi.:)
      Season 5 is unreal...we were not prepared to like a different Doctor ...we loooved David Tennant after seeing him as Hamlet in Shakespeare Retold years ago; then we got hooked on him as Doctor # 10....Okay you will really really like the wit and creativity of the "new" show with Matt Smith in seasons 5-7...
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I really appreciate that and thanks for the lovely compliment.
      Will see you around the blogosphere....


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