Friday, January 4, 2013

Just for Tonight......

.....His Honor, murderous and diabolical President Coriolanus Snow  and coal miner Gale Hawthorne of District 12's Seam, will move away from the vengeful pallor which colors their lives for.....

                               Timmy's 10th birthday party!! 

Yup, Timmy is President Snow, maniacal, donut-eating, rose-perfumed and cruel leader of Panem. 

Kev will alternate between impersonating male tribute from district 2, Cato, as  "DJ Cato" ( ! )  while spinning some tunes and vigilante citizen / best friend of Katniss, from district 12,  Gale.....

There will be activities underway here at the Training Center: 

Katniss's Archery Event 
Peeta's Camo Table.

 As well as lots of HG inspired treats: Finnick's Gummy Fish Feast, Clove's Impressive--Array-of-Knives Cupcakes, Boy-on-Fire-Cake, Caesar Flickerman's Pot of Blue Berry Jello Makeup, Vicious Gingerbread Mutt Tribute Cookies......... and lots more!

The boy-on-fire himself, birthday boy, in whose honor these special games are being held ( ! ) would like to have a marshmallow roast at the firepit, despite the sub freezing temps tonight...Poor kid wishes he was born during the summer months...these winter birthdays require a bit of creativity and flexibility for the guests, hmmmm....

We just hope the sponsors have some pity on the party guests, enough to  send a gift laden parachute into the, I mean, the den...whilst the tributes are fighting for their, I mean dancing the night away!

We may  shudder to hear the thunderous voice of Flickerman partway through The Games inviting the tributes to a feast in their honor....what COULD The Capital have in mind for the unsuspecting young 'uns this evening??

Remains to be seen:
*** Will Effie trinket show up to carry on the tradition of the reaping?
*** Will a gallant child step up to volunteer as tribute?
*** Will all of Romulus Thread's Licorice Whips a-n-d all of  The Infamous Rebellious Berries be gobbled up by the tributes??
***Will we have made enough Nightlock to supply all of the Arena?? 
***What on earth am I doing blogging when I have nine million things on my to=do list and will I still be running around like crazy at 6:30 when the party is to begin, doing last minute things??

Stay tuned, friends!!

Tons of pictures to come......

It has been so much fun ( ...and so much work.... ) putting it together...... I know it will be a fun time for all. The boys' friends are awesome and when friends gather, that's all the matters!

Thank you for stopping in, friends!

"And May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!"


  1. Oh, my, lol! Can't wait to see the photos! :-)

    1. Thanks, Lisa!!!! Have spent all week prepping and all day setting up, yikes!! I just hope the kids have SO much fun.....
      Thx for stopping in:)

  2. Ditto, can't wait to see some pictures!! Sounds like Timmy had a great birthday! God bless!!


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