Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mom

Mom at Rockaway Beach, Queens, circa 1940
February 8, 1921 ~  January 25, 2009

Mom passed into Eternal Life two weeks to the day before her 88th birthday.  My post, Sentimental Journey, is  a short reflection on Mom's life and times.

Mom  and Dad 
~Wedding Day~
October 3, 1943

Chris Capolino Parents

Shots of Mom with the boys on Christmas, 2008, 
exactly one month before she passed.

We miss you, Mom.
I know there's grand party in Heaven tonight!
Birthday hugs!

Until next time friends, peace,



  1. Beautiful photos, Chris. I'm heading over to read the other post. God bless, Lisa

    1. I wanted to read it again and be reminded of the lovely person that your mom was. I know that she lives on in your heart and mind and in those of your children. I'm sure she prays for you all everyday. What a wonderful advocate to have! :-)

    2. Lisa
      What a lovely thought; thank you so much:)


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