Friday, February 22, 2013

Subscribing Issues~

Good evening friends!

Feedburner has been awfully difficult of late with subscribers to my blog.  My son opened up the blog's feedburner site  two nights ago and worked a bit of magic, it seems. It appears that subscribers are actually GETTING posts by email, as I did a test with my two email addresses and with my son's. Success, it seems.

And that would be wonderful!

From what I understand, those who subscribed in  readers, did receive posts though.  Not email subscribers. Hmmmm.

I apologize ! 

So to those of you who did sign up and did not receive emails, if you'd  like to re-subscribe with the "new and improved" thing-a-ma-jig that my son installed,  I'd be honored. Let's just hope it continues to work!~

Have a wonderful night!

Until next time,

Have a lovely day,


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