Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

My version, the weekly Wednesday scrapbook:
We had a little snow around here this week...( about 31 inches...:)
Here are more snow-filled shots! Lots more.

Took about an hour to shovel from front door to driveway! Younger son and hubby are troopers.

In addition to the snow this week:
A little world geography brush up  ( with this review book. )
My little man tied for  FOURTH PLACE among our county's homeschooled participants in the National Geographic Geography Bee back  in November 2012! The Bee is for kids in grades 4 through 8 and he was one of the youngest, a 4th grader! We were IMMENSELY proud.

Music fun:
 Harry Potter movie songbook on recorder! If your kids play, check this out, Lots of fun.

I'm happy to link up once again to  the lovely Do Small Things with Love blog hop:

Small Things

Wishing you a peaceful day on this Ash Wednesday, friends. And a fulfilling Lenten season.
Thanks for stopping in.

To look into a few of our Lenten resources, please click here. 

And for those wishing to research papal history and our Papa Ben, please click here.

Until next time,

Have a lovely day,



  1. You've got words on your wordless Wednesday! If I had snow like that words would flow, too!

    God bless your Lent, friend!

    1. FUNNY~
      Thanks, Allison-
      Peaceful Lent to you as well.

  2. Oh my son and daughter would love the Harry potter recorder music going to put that on a wish list and maybe for someone's birthday:) Great looking snowman

    1. Hi there and thanks for stopping to comment!
      Yes, your kids would love the HP music book!

      Have a lovely dayxoxoxo


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