Friday, March 8, 2013

Artful Friday: Strings (For the Beginner)

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As you know, I've been devoting my Friday blogging to The Arts in our homeschool.  Here are a few recent "Artful Friday" posts complied in one spot, in case there is anything from the past  that interests you:

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So this week, the boys finished their battles against  viruses and took up the fight against the  good old common cold. We began a study of Georgia O'Keefe, but because of the bugs that gripped our house, we were unable to really dig deeply into the 'workshop nature' that our artist and author studies take on.  Hopefully the rhythm of our homeschool days will resume next week and  we'll revisit this amazing 20th century artist. I plan to compile  our resources  in an "Everything You Need For a Study of Georgia O'Keefe" post!

But I do have several other resources to share, albeit abbreviated! The boys did continue sporadically with  violin, as well as just spending time with their instruments for the sheer fun of it. So here goes~

Now if your  kids have been studying violin for any length of time, this will not be of interest to you. If they're newbies, you may find it super helpful:

I found this colorful, wonderful chart at our local music store and taped it onto the boys' music stands:

 It seems clear, concise and free of "diagram clutter," right?  You can also click here and look into  similar charts on amazon. 

Because my older son  missed his weekly lesson, which was only their second one, the instructor allowed my younger son to record it on MP3!  How helpful this was !  

They've just been having a ball "finding" songs in the strings and getting a feel for the music, too.  I include several (basic) violin and piano resources in this post, if you are looking for some other ideas.

Well, friends, thank you so much for stopping in to my corner of the web on this Friday! It is continuing to snow heavily here. It's all quite lovely and can I tell you how thrilled I am that we don't need to worry about school delays!

Have a wonderful weekend, full of happiness. And  relaxation, if possible....!

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  1. We are battling colds here, too. :-( And what a surprise to wake up to snow when they called for only flurries. I just am wishing that it will be enough for them to play in. We haven't had one really significant snowfall all winter, just little nuisance ones. I love everything you do in your homeschool! Have a great weekend, friend! God bless, Lisa

    1. Love your comment, Lisa! Yeah, the snow is gorgeous..!
      Thanks for the compliment; right back at you too, friend...


  2. Thanks for sharing more wonderful ideas! We had colds last week. Thankfully everyone is feeling better now.
    We studied Georgia O'Keeffe last fall. You can check out what we did.

    Hope you all feel better soon!
    God Bless, Monique

    Thanks for the link to the finger placement charts. I have been meaning to find one for my daughter.

    1. Hey Monique
      Thx for stopping over again...I am def heading over toyour post on Georgia now!
      Have a great weekend!


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