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Artful Friday: Strings, Keys, Sketches

Good morning, friends!

As you know, I've been devoting my Friday blogging to The Arts in our homeschool.  Before we get to this week's endeavors,  here are a few recent "Artful Friday" posts, in case there is anything from the past  that interests you:

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Mercy Crosses, Lenten wreaths, Rosary Making, Music Lessons

So, to our Arts this week! We've been spending a lot of  time in our music studies! 

After much anticipation, the  boys began violin lessons and can I tell you how much they love their violins? The instruments are practically attached to them!

These are the resources that their teacher is using with them:

Suzuki Violin School

Alfred Suzuki Violin School Violin Part Volume 4  Suzuki Violin School Violin Part Volume 4 Book

Essential Elements 2000 for Strings

In addition to just getting the feel of these beautiful instruments, they've been listening for inspiration to several composers' works. They both have pretty good "ears" and they're  having fun  "finding" the music in their own violins as they listen to:

The Four Seasons: Violin Concerto

Handel's Sonata for Violin and Piano

Hooked on Classics  
(Why not? :)

I can't wait for them to play "Devil Went Down to Georgia" and "Fiddler on the Roof." They tell me I have a long wait. ...hmmm.

As for our family piano study, there are  a variety of resources I'm using to  teach the kids, a few of which I link  here.  Our piano bench is filled to overflowing (  I'm a sheet music junkie) as are baskets set around the piano!  But these are a few of our staples:

John Thompson's Modern Course for the Piano: The Second Grade Book: Something New Every Lesson [With CD]                                              

I also really rely on Alfred's Basic Piano Lesson Book for the basics....... well as A Dozen a Day for  finger exercises: 

This is a fun book with easy songs which gives the kids a sense of accomplishment because they can easily master well-known pieces:

This book's been a big hit also:

Pencil Sketching/Drawing Fun:

We stumbled onto this informative site which provides step-by-step instructions for a variety of art mediums. My kids were really into the basic skull drawings as well as trying out the psychedelic "sugar skulls."

BUT, there are many other items they  can attempt such as:

How to Draw a Cat

How to Draw a Puppy

How to Draw a Rose

Because a virus gripped our house beginning on Wednesday, I really don't have  blog-worthy pictures of the kids art-ing! But they did thoroughly enjoy the activities at this site. Check it out. I think you will find it beneficial.

Next week, I intend to continue our artist study once again and so we will be drawing/painting in the style of the masters. This site will likely be a go-to spot for us as we journey to learn more about their techniques.

Thank you, friends, for stopping in today to  share our study of The Arts. I'd love to hear how you weave art and music into your homeschool; I'm sure that others would too! Please fell free to leave comments with your ideas.

Have a  peaceful/productive weekend....

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  1. Essential Elements is the same book my daughter is using! I like the flashcards. We might have to find them. Her teacher is real big about teaching how to read music. I need to post about our art and craft projects. There just never seems to be enough time!

    1. I noticed that even our lib carries Essential Elements...I guess it's a staple.
      I know...time! Hard to squeeze the crafts in among the rest of the curric...and then find time to blog it..sheesh.

      Thanks for stopping by, Monique

    2. I love are the arts and crafts you do! I was just awarded a homeschooling blog award. I nominated your blog again because of all the fun homeschooling stuff you post about! So now you have two awards!

    3. Monique-YOU MADE MY DAY!
      How kind and generous of you!

      Heading over to your post to read So much fun! I love it!

  2. Wow, you do such wonderful things with your children! I am SO impressed. I love the idea of the flashcards. My kids love flashcards. :-)

    1. Lisa
      Thank YOU! I appreciate your comment, but I do have to throw the same one back at YOU. Seriously, your weekly wrap up pix and Thankful Thur posts are always so have a lot going on there, friend.

      Have a great day, Lisa and thank you for stopping in!


  3. What a cool website ART IS FUN is! Thanks! Love this weekly post.

    1. :)
      Thanks for coming by, Allison...

      We're starting a study of Georgia O'Keefe and the Art is Fun site will def help paint/draw in her style, just for the fun of it...

      Have a great weekend.

  4. I love the idea of Artful Friday, and your post is so inspiring. Some of those piano books I remember from my childhood. Have a great weekend!

    1. Willa~
      THANKS for stopping over and commenting and esp for your kind compliment! Yes I learned with the Thompson book as well!

      Have an enjoyable weekend!

  5. Awesome links, thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Christy, for stopping over! I'm happy you found a few things useful!


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