Sunday, March 10, 2013

~ A Few Papal Treats as We Enter Conclave Week~

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Thanks for stopping in at my little corner of the web today. I'm sharing the above photo, credited to  Catholic Study Fellowship.


You must have seen this scrapbook of our Holy Father's life as Pontiff at the Vatican website, no? In case you've not, enjoy.  It's gorgeous and informative...A great source of discussion on a trip down memory lane around Papa Ben's eight years in  the Chair of St Peter. 

My kids and I loved the link at the bottom of each page to Vatican website's original source; for example, you may click back and read the entire apostolic letter from the Holy Father that is referenced on a certain page.

Photo: Just a nice picture to remember his warm and pleasant spirit. We Miss you and wish you peace!

"The Making of a Pope"  was shared by my friend Tracy. My family and I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit.......Thanks Tracy.

Closing with these historic and riveting are these shots~

Photo: The chimney at the Sistine Chapel is in place. Now we await the White Smoke.  Finally some smoke blowing we might enjoy.                                                    

Workers prepare the Sistine Chapel for the conclave (Photo: CNS)

Have you seen this yet?
The votes are burned here....
Thank you friends for visiting! I hope you're enjoying a fun/productive/ relaxing weekend.

A few final  papal thoughts for today~ My post published on Papa Ben's final day as Bishop of Rome contains a compilation of links and ideas...o few of my own and many more of my creative  blogger friends. Please click over and enjoy. Feel free to add your papal blog posts in the comments! Thank you so much.

I also compiled a list of papal resources here.. AND I do hope you'll return in a couple of days for my papal book giveaway!

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  1. Thanks for this I am showing to the kids. We are currently doing a mini religious unit study so I am showing them lots of videos of this process:) I remember my mother having us do this when I was a child for Pope John Paul. I get alot of stuff from Tracy too:)

    1. Hi there~
      I'm thrilled that you are finding some of the resources practical!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. We are about to embark on an HISTORIC week!!!!!!!!!!


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