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~How Exciting! The Liebster Homeschool Bloggers' Award~


Upon opening my laptop to check in on a few things after a busy day ( of what else, homeschooling/ homekeeping, like so many others of my friends......! )  I was pleasantly greeted by a lovely message from my friend Monique, at Mountain of Grace Homeschooling. Monique made my night by again nominating me for a  blog award! 

 I am, quite simply, thrilled and honored to be nominated for the Homeschool Liebster Blogging Award! And as Monique wrote, this IS indeed a wonderful way to encourage fellow hard working, homeschooling Moms, isn't it?  Have you visited Monique's blog today? Lately?  It's  a treat!

What does "liebster" mean, actually?
  From what I understand, 
liebster is German for~
 "sweetest," "kindest," "nicest," "dearest," "beloved," 
"valued," "endearing," and "welcoming."

Okay, so let the fun begin! Nominees get to do the following:

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
1. I love travelling! When I was young Mom and Dad took us all over the USA; hubby and I traveled much BC too ( "Before Children") I've been to 48 states in the USA, never had the pleasure of visiting North Dakota ( sorry, Roxane!) or Alaska! We've spent the past few summers traveling with the boys across the country, as well.

Glacier National Park -  July 2012

2. I've lived in NY all my life; I  think Queens is the best place to grow up!  Really.
3.  I loooooove planning birthday parties for my kids. Love it. Party planning takes over my life. Here is the most recent party we threw for Timmy's 10th! 

4. My Mom passed away 4 years ago; my Dad, 20. I miss them every day and  I write about them often.

October 3, 1943

5. I can play the piano.

6. I'm a ruthless poker player...I'm unbeatable at Texas Hold 'Em....

7. Despite my  last name, I'm only Italian by marriage;  I'm 100% Irish!  Alas, my poor kids are <sniff> only 1/2 Irish...... !    All four of my grandparents emigrated from Ireland  to NY. They endured harsh living conditions in tenements on the lower west side. They had all passed into Eternal Life by the time I was born, but I know they'd be quite proud to see that their vision of The American Dream is being lived by all of their grandchildren and great grandchildren. I take nothing for granted.

8. I love anything BBC. Merlin, Sherlock and of course, DW.

9. My husband is supportive, brilliant and fun. Even though we drive each other crazy on occasion, I love him more every day. We've been married for 16 years.

10.  Love chocolate. Love it. Anything chocolate.

11. I'm the youngest of five.

2. Answer the 11 questions presented by Monique.
1. Favorite quote~ The one on my blog header!
And one attributed to Mark Twain: "I have never let schooling interfere with my education."
2. Vacation spot~The Adirondacks in upstate NY:

3. A food I'd like to learn to cook~Fondue!
4. "I wish I knew how to~" figure skate. Really figure skate. Like Dorothy- Hammill -figure- skate! ( I did have her hair in the 70s! So did every girl in America, right?)
5. How I pamper myself~ It doesn't happen often but I love a few minutes with a hot cup of tea or coffee (depending on my  mood) and  a good book! Oh, and I think I may have mentioned that we loooooooove Doctor Who around here? An ep of The Doctor saving the universe from the Cybermen or the Daleks,  with Winston Churchill's help, is a pretty great way to unwind.
6. Fave time of year~Summer! Not much of a schedule! 
7. Fave color~ Shades of purple
8.Why I decided to begin a  blog~ In order to chronicle our family's journey and to hold myself accountable for my writing and my picture organization. Never did I anticipate meeting and becoming friends with such amazing people through the blogosphere.
9. If I could have anything for dinner tonight, what would that be? Veal! Potatoes and veggies fixed in a really fancy way alongside...
10. One thing I'd like to do  learn to do this year? Knit


3. Form 11 questions for your nominees.

1. Where did you grow up?
2. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
3. What is your favorite book? ( Yes, pick ONE! LOL.!Okay, really, any number of faves!)
4 Favorite movie?
5. Saint who inspires you?
6. Hobby?
7. Why did you begin your blog?
8. What's your fairy tale wedding like?
9. If you could have dinner with a-n-y-o-n-e, who would that be?
10.  Louisa May Alcott or Jane Austen?
11.  Best spot for a relaxing dinner with the family?

4.Choose 11 bloggers 
5.Inform each blogger about her nomination.

So, the honor of nominating 11 homeschooling Mom bloggers! Wow. Only 11. That'll be pretty difficult!

 Now I AM 'supposed' to choose 11 with a following of less than 200. However, because I chose 11 in this category a few weeks ago, and boy was that ever fun,  I'd like to sort of bend the rules and nominate 11 homeschooling mom blogs that I have found inspiring, creative, practical. Beautiful go-to spots on the web that I have come to love, rely on and whose authors I am blessed to call "friend." I reeeeeeally hope this is okay.)

So my 11: ( actually, 12--one extra for fun and good luck!)
Allison at Totus Tuus

Ann Marie at (Our) Life's Adventures

Cay at Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks

Chari and Willa at Take Up and Read

Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight

Denise at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Exchange  

Erika at Raising Little Saints

Gae at Cherished Hearts at Home

Lisa at Our 4 Kiddos

Monica at Equipping Catholic Families

Patrice at Spiritual Woman

Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things

Tracy at A Slice of Smith Life

I just realized that 'my' bloggers are representative of THREE continents!
It's a small world, indeed.

Thank you, ladies for your wisdom, inspiration and fun!

Enjoy creating your Liebster posts, ladies!


  1. Replies
    1. Alina
      Thank you for taking the time to stop in and comment:)
      I am headed over to your Killarney B&B site..It looks intruiging! I have only been to the Emerald Isle once and not since since 1990!

      Have a lovely day.

  2. Thanks SO much, Chris! I enjoyed reading this post and getting to know something more about you. I will try to write a post for Saturday. God bless, friend, Lisa :-)

    1. Lisa
      You're a doll and I am so happy to nominate your blog b.c you personify this award!
      Love ya

  3. Thanks for the award, so sweet:) I loved reading and learning more about you:) I will get started writing a post soon, I am a bit behind with 5 drafts already in my folder:) life gets so busy

    1. Hey there~
      You're so welcome and the awards is so well deserved!

      God bless

  4. Chari has left a new comment on your post "~How Exciting! The Liebster Homeschool Bloggers' A...":

    Thanks, Chris, for the nomination, especially amongst so many lovely blogs.! Willa and I really appreciate it. We actually were nominated with an award like this last summer.....and while we got most of the post done, it is still in the drafts folder. I think we should dig it up and get it done, in response to your nomination. :) We will need some time when we can both connect. :)

    I have been to Ireland 1988, 7.5 month pregnant with my first. The trip was a perfect fantasy come true. Willa has been twice.....had to take all of her kids :)

    I love to travel, too. It was fun to learn more about you.....God bless! May your Lenten journey be fruitful!

    1. Chari
      Your comment never made it to the blog, but I did see it in my email inbox! So I C and P-ed it here...Well, thanks to both of YOU ladies, for your lovely spot on the web! It's definitely a respite and an informative one at that!

      Have a great day:)


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