Sunday, March 3, 2013

Memoir Monday: Lenten Ponderings

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So,  this week...ponderings around Lent, inspired by my blogging friends who dig deeply and with honesty in their own blogs and have left me thought provoking and inspirational comments right here at my own little spot on the web . 

And how blessed am I to have such friends through the blogosphere......? Friends who challenge, inspire. And so I am given pause to reflect.......

Since I've become a mother, the details of my life have greatly impacted on what I am able to strive for, and even tackle, each Lenten season:

The inexplicably multiplying piles of legos. The bottomless laundry basket. The workbooks, the work sheets. The general trail of creativity that children incur. Each child’s gloriously displayed magnum opus on the kitchen wall. The sports rosters. The Uno cards, Monopoly pieces. Crayola central. Emails that beckon.  Library books to be renewed, reserved, sorted. And just beautiful Mommy time spent, enjoyed.

There have been years when family prayer and immersion in beautiful, seasonal literary gems, have flourished. When all else is secondary. When the solemnity of Lent is paramount. Leading all of us to recognize how we have been challenged. 

How we have grown. And how we have not.

And then there are seasons that are, well, just plain, dry. Some days, some weeks, the minutiae of family life, of being the one responsible for the physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic nourishment engulfs me. Simply moving through each day seems an accomplishment. 

Recognizing our Lord’s retreat into the desert does not even come to mind. Getting on bended knee to offer gratitude for this? His life for our salvation?

Which leads me to ponder. Which leads me to realize. A failing Lent really isn’t. And I suppose this IS growth. And this IS what Lent is all about.

Yes, I lose sight of this awesome miracle as I work to care for my family’s needs. To embrace the challenges of family life as opportunities to grow. To acknowledge and improve what I know I lack. To know the hole of my sin. And the whole of my sin.

 To awaken to the seasons of motherhood. To realize that these seasons offer beautiful glimpses. Even with their never ending cycles of nurturing and of loving and of providing, there are blessings. 

Shining views into the reason for it all.  Doing God’s work. Caring for His blessed little ones, our blessed little ones. 

Giving glory.


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  1. Wonderful, insightful Chris!
    I know I still need to post the answers for the award nomination...oh my I'm behind! LOL...But, I will get to it :)
    Many blessings+

    1. Thank you, Denise:)
      Heading to your blog now to read your post.(And don't worry abt the Liebster's kind of a lot to compile at once! It's quite time consuming)

      And thanks for linking up, friend.

  2. Love this, Chris! Thanks for linking/sharing my blog! I am most appreciative and so glad that I could take part again this week. God bless, my friend! Lisa

    1. You're so welcome; I'm thrilled that we became friends despite the distance. So lucky to have such wonderful blogger friends!

      Heading to your blog now to read. I love that you linked up.
      Thank you

  3. Beautiful post. We all have struggled with this. We lose sight of what matters. The small stuff does matter. Thank you so much for mentioning and linking to my blog. I love how you did!

    1. Thanks for the kind words words, Monique and for linking up again today. I'm very blessed to have such wonderful friends in the blogossphere...
      Heading over to your post now.:)


  4. Gosh, this is so beautiful... "To acknowledge and improve what I know I lack. To know the hole of my sin. And the whole of my sin."

    Thank you for linking to me and for these needed words. You are a blessing, Chris!

    1. xoxoxoxo

      Thank you for the kind words, Allison...



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