Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday~ The Jersey to Alb Version

Good morning, friends and welcome to my little corner of the web today!
Happy Spring!

Well, as you know we're all crawling out of the dark, dingy wasteland known as  "The Flu" around here. At the end of February, I was congratulating us on not getting sick at all this winter. Gettin' a little sure of ourselves a little too soon, huh? Yup. Just goes to show ya. Well, sheesh. I know, I know,  it could have been worse though. It could always be worse.

BUT, last night I actually made dinner! After feasting on ginger ale and toast for so long,  using cutlery and  china and turning the oven on felt pretty darn good to all of us.  I even  folded laundry! Put it away! (Put the flag out!) Did algebra and discussed causes of Worl War I with one kid; worked spelling patterns and did long division with another. Yay. we opened up the books!  Pushed the vacuum around the house! Drove my kids to their activities! Stopped off, did a few errands and actually accomplished a thing or two!  <sigh> It was  only the flu, for heaven's sake, but boy, is it good to be back in the land of the living.  Just in time for Easter prep and many Lenten activities over at church. 
Thanks to all my friends who conjured happy thoughts and whispered  a prayer when I sent out a plea for help last week. You are the best....

So, basketball ended weeks ago but I never had the chance to put these shots into a post for the sake of my own organization~

The little man  went from this:
The Fast Break Kid

                                                                          ..... to this:
The Altar Server

                                                            record time!

And yep, everything went straight into the laundry
as soon as we walked through the door!

Wherever this first day of spring takes you today, I hope it is beautiful, memorable and as productive as you need it to be.
 And guess what's for dinner tonight? Hmmmm?

<< Pasta Primavera!  >>

Come on, pretty creative, right?  And creativity in the kitchen is not  my forte!

                                                      Thank you for stopping in, friends!
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Have a  wonderful day!
 Until next time,




  1. Our family is a "basketball" family, all 3 girls luv the sport. I like your action shot :)

    Thanks for linking up with Frugal Plus! Happy WW :)

    ~ Jill

    1. Hey Jill!
      THANKS for hosting and for stopping over to comment!That was so kind of you.....
      Have a lovely night.:)

  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend!
    Happy Spring!!

    1. Thanks Monique, for stopping over.....
      Have a good night, friend.


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