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7 Quick Takes 4/12/13~ The Whovian/ Reading Twaddle/ Party Planning/ Book Giveaway/ Gosnell Edition

                                        7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 210)
Good morning, friends, and welcome!

The first time I'm linking to the hop, 
my QTs  are a snapshots of life within my family this week,
as well as those, sadly, of our morally bankrupt modern civilization. 

A gathering of thoughts.
 In our lives, on these pages. on our minds:

~ 1 ~
How  can  we use our influences within social media
 to bring awareness and compassion  and change
to the decay within our society?  
By now you must have heard
about breaking the Kermit Gosnell murder trial mainstream media blackout 
on Twitter, Facebook and bloggers' pages....
I urge you to use your social media platforms and spread the news.
Invite others to tweet, blog, facebook
 the horror, the shame, the denial.
I can't even post his picture.
It's too disturbing and too haunting.
I can say that within two minutes of my Twitter window being opened,
 there were 124 tweets, ALL of which trended  trial.
Let's flood social media.
 We can turn the tide.
We can.

(edited 4/14/13: My post Desperate Women, Liberal Ideologies and Never Born Children
references an astoundingly honest portrayal of the abortion industry
 by Daniel Greenfield.
Click over and become enlightened by his words.)

~ 2 ~
Favorite line of our week:

 "You want weapons?  We're in a library.  

Books are the best weapon in the world. 

 This room's the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!"

(Note the above is written in TARDIS blue !)
~Russell T. Davies, writer 
Don't know it?
The Doctor

DW, David Tennant.
BBC site

~ 3 ~
Usually, on Fridays, I blog on our artistic
 "endeavors" throughout the week.
At this point though, we're still in the midst of art explorations  using this book 
and deep within a van Gogh study
I'll compile it all soon into an "Artful Friday" post.

~ 4 ~
Why, oh why does my library continue to promote twaddle?
Yup, guess I'm a book snob, raising book snobs.
Here;s how I know:
My son quipped last night~
"Could we could hurry up and finish 'Hades' so we can get back to the good stuff?"
I registered my son for a library book club
 during which this series will be discussed.
Okay, I'm all for a balanced reading diet.
Just as doritos and ring dings have a (tiny) spot, you know, occasionally, in our lives,,
book fluff can have a similarly tiny spot.

But constant twinkies, cupcakes and soda in our kids' reading diets?
Good heavens.
Isn't the library the place for promoting morally challenging tales?
Quality literature?
The children's librarian told me that "no one" signed up
 years ago for book discussions on "the classics."
Hmmmm .
Was this  generation of librarians raised 
on Captain Underpants and Junie B. Jones?

~ 5 ~
Unbelievable to me that my oldest is turning the page into his teen years.
We're busy party planning, invitation sending,
 chocolate making, favor bag stuffing and music selection organizing.
 We love us a party around here.
I've been party planning since forever, 
but I've only been blogging since December.
So the only party in my archives is here.
 Click over, if you'd like, for some panem et circenses.
And may the odds be ever in your favor.

~ 6 ~
If you've not checked out my book giveaway, why not do so now?
It's a classic staple on most homeschoolers' shelves.
But you just might not have a copy.
So go ahead.
Get in the game.

~ 7 ~
And please come on back Monday for my Memoir Monday blog hop.
We've been sharing glimpses of our lives and hearts.
It's humbling and inspiring.
So do join us!

~Thank you to Jen for  7 Quick Takes!! 
And congratulations, Jen!!
~We are praying for you and your entire family~
Thanks to Grace at Camp Patton for guest hosting today.

Have a lovely day!


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