Friday, April 19, 2013

Artful Friday: Wisdom from a Violin Master

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I'm stopping in to share a gem for my "artful" post today
from a master musician and educator, 
If your children study violin, you know of  him.
But do you know his philosophy of education?
It is plaintively astounding.
Here's a gem from a master which I
 feel compelled to share and which can, of course,
 be applied to all fields of study.

It is simple and yet truly highlights our path as "nurturers."
These words can be found in the intro to his 

Education begins the day a child is born.
 As an infant's body grows day by day,
its powerful life force absorbs all the stimuli it receives externally,
 developing in the process of acquiring ability....
For more than forty years of experimental pedagogy,
 I have come to know without a doubt that ability is not  inborn.
Please raise your child to be a fine person.
Heart and ability depend entirely on the manner of nurturing.
Everyone knows how important it is to cultivate seedlings with care.
Yet some parents are inattentive and indifferent to their child's development.
Without exerting any effort, 
they resign themselves to the thought that
"My child was born this way."
I hope you will not repeat this lamentable mistake
 from past eras of human civilization....
Does not every child develop marvelous abilities?
...Please do not fail to nurture your child.
It is a mistake to think that your child's future is only a heredity or inborn qualities.
In response to the skill or ingenuity of the nurturer,
 any child
 can be fostered to achieve a high level of ability.
...Every child has the potential  to develop ability in any field, 
or at least to the level of his ability to master his mother tongue.
Every child is a wonderful creature, a precious being.
Please give your child the opportunity to be nurture and please explore the best ways to nurture him.

~The Five Conditions for Ability Development~
1. An early start
2.A superior environment
3. A commitment to practice
4. A superior instructor
5. A thorough teaching method.

And with that, I'm off to do do a little nurturing....

We'll be back next Friday with a few art projects and a  study that is in the works.

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Thank you so very much for stopping in!

Have a wonderful, fun and productive  weekend!

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  1. Beautiful post Chris! Nurturing is so important and is what God expects of us mothers. We are the best at it! God bless!

    1. THANK YOU, Noreen, for the kind words and for stopping in to say hi!

      Have a good evening, friend!

  2. Visit and follow from Happy Friday Blog Hop.
    Thanks for link up at my blog.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Thank you, Nan! Thx for initially inviting me ...
      enjoying the others' posts at the Friday hop, Nan!



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