Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Snippets ~ Catholic Carnival 5/12/13

Welcome to  Sunday Snippets!

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Happy Mother's Day to all and a special prayer for 
those who suffer infertility, miscarriage and  loss.

Mother's Day is a nightmare for many women.
We tend to forget that unless we, too, 
may have suffered on our own journeys toward motherhood.
Standing for that final blessing at Mother's Day mass 
propels me back to the the second Sunday in May 
before my oldest was born in 2000.
It can be rife with sadness.
If you have suffered  toward Mommyhood,
 you know this.
If you haven't and you know this, than you
are one compassionate individual and I am honored to be your friend.

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I have four links for RAnn's  Carnival this week:

RAnn, thank you so much for hosting!
And friends, thank YOU for stopping in today!

Please head over to her lovely 
spot on the web for more Sunday Snippets!

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I hope today finds you peaceful and happy...

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  1. Happy Belated Mother's day to you my friend:) Hope your family made great plans for you

    1. ..and to you as well!!
      It was a lovely day....

      Thank you for stopping in and for the kind words, Ann-Marie:)


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