Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday~ CLEATS Part 2

Hello there! 
Welcome back for another edition of Wordless Wednesday!
We're deep in the heart of baseball season and loving it!
My kids aren't star athletes.....
Well, according to the standard and the pressure
 of the local leagues around here, they're not.
The friendly competition of our local CYO is perfect for our family.
It's low key and instructional.
Games and practices are in the shadow of the cross,
 prayer before each session.
See, I told you it was perfect!

So here is "part 1" of CLEATS,
from my WW last week.
(You know, in case you have absolutely 
 to do today except watch friends' kids run bases!!  ha )

White Sox
Hubby is in the middle top there too, as coach

Seconds after he hit the ball!
(It was a foul)
Hubby is the catcher
And here is is, juuuuuuuust about to slam it!
A double play!
woo hoo

Kev, running home
Poor kid...
I just can't get good ones of him hitting or running....
all blurry

Timmy, later in the day.
Pinch hitting on Kev's team

Hey, what's baseball without a few diamonds?! 


I am gratefully linking today to the lovely bloggers
 on my left sidebar who host WW hops.

Thank you so much, friends, for stopping in today !
I wish we could sit and chat on the baseball field!

Have a  wonderful day!

 Until next time,



  1. Cute! Looks like nice weather over there. We got a little chilly again here today and are eagerly awaiting the sun's warmth and return. It's looking good at this hour, just before it's about to descend. There's always tomorrow! :)

    1. Hey Rox,
      I wish I could see the ND sunset as well!
      Yes, last weekend was great weather...just what we all needed to refresh from the week!

      Thanks for stopping in!


  2. I didn't know what CYO meant until you said that they pray before games. Then I figured it had to mean "Christian Youth Organization." It does sound perfect! Your boys do look like they enjoy baseball. God bless!

    1. Yes, indeed, they do, Noreen!
      We're very lucky to have a CYO so local to us.

      Have a lovely Sunday! And thank you for visiting!



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