Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blogoversary Giveaway Coming Soon!

Good morning, friends!

I am stopping in briefly to let you know how much I appreciate you, 
my readers,
 taking time out of your busy days 
to read the words 
I scatter here at my spot on the web.

Unbelievable that  this month marks 
six months of blogging,
close to  17,000 page views
200 posts 
thus far!

Most importantly, I have met the most wonderful people in my blogging journey
 who have blessed me beyond what I ever expected or imagined!
You are true friends who have taught me and inspired me.
Not what I envisioned when I opened up my blogger page.
At all.

I will be back within a few days  with a giveaway of THANKS
 for one lucky reader to win a batch of not only fun summery items, 
but an awesome new Catholic book!

Thank you for stopping in , friends!

 Until next time,



  1. Can't wait to read all about it! And, congrats on the milestones! :-) God bless, Lisa

    1. Lisa,
      Thank you, friend!


  2. Looking forward to reading all about it.

  3. Replies
    1. Nancy
      Thanks, friend:)
      Lucky to have met so many wonderful bloggers on the journey! YOU. among them. friend!

  4. Chris, has it only been six months? You seem like a pro! I, too, was pleasantly surprised when I entered the blogging world. Glad you've found it a welcoming place, too. :)


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