Monday, June 24, 2013

Disconnecting For a While/ Hot Summer Night series~

Hi there, friends and welcome!

I will be unplugging for the better part of this summer
 in order to focus on  family and home
without the self - imposed distraction of technology.

I'm stopping in today to wish
 my friends from the USA 
a wonderful red, white and blue Fourth 
filled with all things
Americana and patriotic....

(Plus, of course, the essential BBQ 
festive strawberry, blueberry and whipped cream flag cake!)

 And here's wishing  all of you 
a happy July,
brimming with 
warm family memories.

But I will, however, 
 be back next week with a post  for the 
Hot Summer Nights series.

I was thrilled and humbled when Jen asked me to participate.
Head on over to Jen's blog for all the details around
the unique and passion-filled  series on marriage
that Jen is graciously 
organizing and hosting.
As our hostess cleverly states,
it all 'ignites' on July 1!
Go, check it out!

Two other items of note around Hot Nights
 For updates, check  Jen's Catholic column
 bloggers, you can  link up or read others' date night suggestions at Jen's 
date night hop, here, which begins July 1!
Lots of wonderful marriage reflections, ideas, etc 
the whooooooole month through!

Know that you're in my thoughts, friends,
while I take a tech break this month.
 I am ever so grateful for the friendships 
that have developed within this space 
since I began blogging in December!

All the best!
~God bless~

Until next time,


1 comment:

  1. The upcoming series sounds wonderful! Looking forward to it.
    Enjoy your family and your summer!


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