Saturday, June 29, 2013

Some Bloggy Business in No Particular Order: Goodbye Google Reader, "Robin in the 'hood" and Etc....

Welcome friends!
I hope this finds you well....

I'm popping in from my blogging break
to touch base with a few bloggish and other updates~~ 

Yup, you've heard it all over:
Google Reader will be no more as of this Monday, July 1...
If you do subscribe to Campfires and Cleats
through Google feed, please switch over to receive posts by email.

I'd hate to lose  to any readers and friends!

In fact, when you subscribe by email, you'll be treated to a
much cleverer- than-the-regular-Feedburner verification email!
My son  
adapted the verification email you'll receive just for my blog.

It's nice and easy:
1. Scroll to my blog's top left side bar.
2. Type your email in that little box that is directly above the 
"Families are Forever" blinkie.
3. Open and click 
the verification email 
which will be immediately sent to your  inbox.


And thank you!
Of course, you're subscribing just in time for my
 scheduled tech break!
Sorry about that!
But by July's end,  I will be back and connecting with friends regularly.
I look forward to a refreshed perspective and to seeing you here as well!

Other "news"~
 I've blogged tons  about my sons' involvement in theater.
In fact, here's one of my Bard posts,  detailing a few of the boys' experiences
with Shakespeare.
A post about the Arthur Miller play in which  my youngest had a role recently.
 And this post describes prep for a Les Mis audition.
Well, tomorrow, my oldest opens in an original production,
written, directed, produced by an uber talented gal
 at one of our   
local theaters.

At the end of July, I'll have oodles of production pictures   
splashed all over here!
But for now, here is one promo shot 
of my guy, "Robin" in
"Robin in the 'hood:"

Cute costume, huh?
Sort of a modern-day parody of Robin Hood, but set in the 'hood
The whole cast is working incredibly hard, 
as is, of course, their fearless director!
We know they'll have fun and break legs up there tomorrow!
We're really proud of all of them!
And so happy our son could be a  part of this experience!

Lastly, (and thank you for sticking with me thus far!)
is a little plug for what is sure to be an awesome and inspiring marriage series
running throughout the month of July,
Hot Summer Nights.
I know you've seen details swirling around the blogosphere 
for the Hot Nights series.
For the whole scoop, as well as the list of topics and guest bloggers,
 head  to Jen's post
Jen, of The Best Titled Blog Out There,
 is graciously pulling the whole, entire she-bang together.

I will be participating and, believe me, I am thrilled to do so!!
I'll have a post published right here on Monday July 1st 
which will subsequently be shared by Jen on July 16
through the series.

After my Hot Nights post goes up,

 I'll not see you here for a month of so.
Please have a safe, fun and memorable July!

Until next time,


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