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Forever West~ "Aces and Eights:" Fun and Wacky Sign Pictures of our 2013 Trip

Hi there friends and welcome!

When we started on these crazy cross country jaunts,
y-e-a-r-s ago,
(before children)
we decided to take a picture of every 
"Welcome to_____" sign
 we passed 
to  be a "header" in the photo album.
One thing lead to another and we've gone sign-happy.
We no longer actually print and make photo albums
 since going digital about 5 years ago.
 Though our window panes, refrigerator, walls and pretty much every flat surface
 in our house is covered with framed photos!
Yes, we're big picture people, as are, I assume,
all bloggers!
So now, not only have we continued to take the "obligatory" 
Welcome signs, 
we  also snap unusual, interesting, educational and just-for-fun signs too.
I wondered how to actually categorize the sign shots for my post
 and then went with the good old 
 state-by-state in chronological order way.....!

So here goes...
Enjoy our wacky sign shots!


630 feet high 
at The Gateway Arch

pro life billboard
Wow, is this amazing?
A state that funds and stands behind the sanctity of life 
as well as the harm abortion does to women and society?
Unheard of where I come from.


Now, is this the coolest sign ever??

Now, we thought this sign was tongue-in-cheek
until we began speaking with a ranger.
This was taken on the road to the top of Pike's Peak,
affeectionately known as 
"America's Mountain."
Turns out, friends,
that many rangers and residents of the area
 are seriously of the "We believe Bigfoot exists" mindset.
Well, we do not,
 but I'll tell ya, they gave some pretty compelling 'evidence!'

The Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine
right before we descended 1000 feet for a tour!
In Cripple Creek, CO.

Didn't know Colorado was a fertile ground for fossils??
You thought only of John Denver and the Rockies??
Think again!
Click here for more info!

~ Utah ~

on the Utah/Colorado border~ 


Now you know the hubby is an earth science teacher 
with a serious passion for all things geology, right?
This post discusses it and this picture defines it!


The next three shots were taken on Alcatraz Island, in San Francisco harbor,
 which has been a
national park for longer than  it was a prison,
but is still a chilling place to visit.

The wharf~~

 More of San Fran's spots~~~~
 If you have never tasted Ghirardelli chocolate, folks,
you are missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures!

 Oh yeah, ya gotta get excited about a tsunami warning sign
when you live no where near tsunami areas!
Now, hurricane evacuation signs?
Those are common around these parts.

 More rock awesomeness

Lassen is a  very under-visited national park, but spectacular.
The only place in North America where all four types
 of volcanoes  can be found together.

In the middle of no where
( literally, I guess)
in north-eastern CA.
Coming from an area where there'a 7-11 and a gas station on every corner?
This is pretty freaky.
I like it.
I could get used to it.
Pretty much our final stop~
Deadwood, South Dakota.
You know Wild Bill's story, right?
Click here for the scoop on one of the legends of 
The Old West.

And if you click here
you can see some pictures of Timmy playing Charlie 
in the reenactment of the assassination of Wild Bill Hickok
 at the Number 10 Saloon!
Now that was something!
The kids loves to act as I've written of
As you know.

( Nice family fun, right?
Assassinations, gunfights?!)

And there are more non Americans visiting Deadwood than Americans.
Which is sorta strange.
I guess it's quintessential
"Old West?"

Just beware the next time you're playing poker
and realize you're holding Aces and Eights.

So here you go.
The Scene Of The Crime:

And that pretty much does it for our signs!!

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  1. We love signs, too! :)
    I say we ditch the guys and just go back to that Ghirardelli sign and hang out in there. ;)
    Always love reading your posts!!

  2. Becky
    Hilarious! Yes, ma'am, into ditching the guys to hang out with you over a hot fudge sundae at Ghirardelli's!!

    Thanks, friend!

  3. Happy Wordless Wednesday! If you haven't joined in on the linky fun at The Jenny Evolution, there's still plenty of time. See you there!


    1. Jennifer, Thanks for visiting! Yes, I did link and I appreciate the invitation!

      Thanks so much for that and for stopping in!

  4. This is great! I'm from Kansas and you'll see pro-life billboards everywhere! Love them! I also have a picture of the "Big Foot" crossing in Colorado. That was a blast for our family!

    1. Michelle~
      Thank you for stopping in...so nice to meet you!

      Yes, those signs, esp, were so unique and interesting for us to witness!

      Be well and have a lovely day!

  5. Chris, your pictures are great! I love taking pictures of signs when we travel too. It looks like you had a wonderful trip with your family. Thanks for sharing it with us. We would like to travel across the U.S. someday.

    1. Thanks, Monique, for visiting!
      It really was a wonderful trip....Looking fwd to seeing you around the blogosphere:)

      Thanks for your kind words

  6. what a great idea:) we have been to many of those places I got to find the big foot sign that would be so fun:) Love Ghirardili chocolate esp their triple chocolate brownies. My husband is a geology major although he doesn't work in the field:)

    1. Thanks AnnaMaire!
      Well, that Bigfoot sign is only about 3-5 miles up the Pike's Peak Hwy road....really easy to find, and of course, striking!

      So good to hear from you! Good luck settling in after the big move!

      Thanks for visiting!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you, Val...I appreciate your visit.
      Take care:)

  8. What a fun idea! I know my kids and I often giggle over signs while we're out traveling, especially ones with SPELLING errors. You just never know what you'll see!

    1. True! Those errors you spot can be pretty amusing!
      Thank you, Jessy, for stopping in!!

  9. What an exciting trip! The trip of a lifetime actually! I'm jealous. Do you mean to tell me that you don't believe in big foot?

    1. Hey Sylvia!
      Toooooo funny! I;m telling you, ppl around those paarts have very strong convictions one way or the other about Bigfoot...it's a hot topic!

      Thank you for stopping in!!


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