Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunday Snippets~ 7/28/13

Welcome, friends, to my spot on the web!
Thank you so much for stopping in!

Time once again for Sunday Snippets, 
graciously hosted by RAnn 

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I've a post from early in July, which I did not share here
 as of yet at the Carnival of Catholic posts. 
My contribution to the Hot Summer Nights marriage series,
was posted right  before my blogging break,
as my family was taking  off on a cross country trip.
If you have not clicked over to the HSN series, please do so!
Links are within my post to Jen's blog, where you can find
each article on marriage and family.

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Since returning home on Monday,
 I've been blogging up a storm around our trip 
and feel I've barely gotten going on the details, actually!

I do have a couple of posts from this week which will fit
RAnn's link up guidelines...

They are ~~

Forever West: Our Cross Country Trip ~  By the Numbers!

You'll Ever Have, This Side of Fishermen's Wharf ~

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Okay, there are a few more, but they don't really "fit" the linky.:)

Well, I am certainly looking forward to stopping by RAnn's
and clicking over to the bloggers who have linked to her weekly carnival!
It's always a treat.

Thanks, RAnn.

AND by the way, this marks day 7 of
 Jen's 7 in 7 blogging challenge!
Thank you, Jen, for putting the challenge out there for us.
It's been awesome and helpful to  me in getting on track with my writing,
 since returning home.

Well, even though there's no blogging challenge set for tomorrow, 
I do have a post in the works,....
So I hope to see you here again if your time permits!
Have a wonderful day!

THANK YOU for visiting, 
and please leave a comment to say hi if you have time!

Until tomorrow,



  1. Hello Chris! I LOVE the photo at the top of this blog! Beautiful...and great post! I tried posting most days but found every day too difficult with my current schedule. Congrats on doing so! God bless you...

    1. Thanks, Ellen!
      Good to see you here...thank you for stopping over.:)

      I always love "chatting!"

      Be well!


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