Sunday, August 18, 2013

Adirondack Memories: How Can the Week Be Over?

Hi there and welcome back to my Adirondack scrapbook!
Unfortunately, there was no internet accessibility on Friday or yesterday at the lake.
From what I gather, there is only so much bandwidth 
and if there are already many people "using up"
the wifi, others cannot log on. Oh well.
So here we are on Sunday morning, home, safely.
I get to blog about the past few days of our adventures...the final few of our time away:

More sand castle building~

 A nighttime shot before the work of art is raked away:
And really, how cute is this frog that Timmy caught?
Seriously, he seemed almost "tame."

A and S are friends the boys met up here in past years....
 Love Queens people!
Well, you know I'm partial.
S's and A's Moms are awesome and seeing them after a year....
they're just like old friends, also.

How nice is this? 
A few families gathered all the kids for some 'last night' pinata fun!
Here. Timmy is giving it a smack.

A walk around the lake road that night.
Only 1.2 miles!
This cool "H Tree," and horse and buggy by the Double H Ranch for ill kids.
Paul Newman founded numerous camps for seriously ill children,
 originally known as The Hole in the Wall Gang Camps. 
There's a camp here on our lake...and wow, how inspirational!

Thanks for visiting!
I appreciate you spending some time here in my corner of the web!

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Later on, (after laundry, unpacking and Mass!)
I'll be getting a post up on our last day, yesterday.
Fun activities, but sad to leave the lake.

 Until later ~~~ 



  1. It looks like a beautiful trip, Chris. I love the frog photos - the colours are gorgeous. I hope you're getting to the bottom of the post-vacation laundry!
    Blessings, Lucinda

    1. Thanks, Lucinda!
      Yes, aren't the shades striking?

      I appreciate your visit! Thanks!


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