Thursday, August 1, 2013

Artful Friday~ Forever West: Caricatures and Street Performers on The Wharf

Hi there, friends and welcome!

While in San Francisco. we, of course,
 were fascinated with the wealth of
artists and performers,
(and in some cases,
performing artists  ! )
that populate The Wharf area.
What fun!

As soon as we got off the boat from Alcatraz
( another post, coming soon)
we took advantage of this
opportunity to have these
(rather cheesy)
caricatures painted of each of the boys over the skyline of San Fran.
It was actually a ton of fun:

So the artist wanted to know 
"what part of New Yawk we were from..."
He could tell from our accents that we are
from the Empire State,
downstate, specifically.

He don't know from nothin'.

Okay, he's from Jersey.
He does know.
No fooling him.

Now, for
~Timmy's turn~

The final piece:

Pretty cute, right?
They are hanging in the boys' rooms now...

Then, on the next corner,
 were a bunch of 20 something kid-performers
 rapping and dancing
 up a storm.
They were r-e-a-l-l-y entertaining!

For their last number, they asked for volunteers...
Kev wound up being recruited in order for the 
lead of the group to
perform his gymnastic jumping feat 

Yep, that's the dancer in the white shirt, upside down in mid air!
Kev is in black,  flat on the ground!
( He's the only blonde; so it's easy to find him.)


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I look forward to seeing you here again, very soon.
Until next time,



  1. Those drawings are fantastic Chris. I love things like that. Thank you so much for your kind words. I love hearing from people who visit my blog and getting such lovely feedback as yours. I hope you have a lovely weekend. My son goes to a Catholic school and his school fair is on this Sunday. It will be a big day for him. He's 6 and will be going crazy on all the rides and catching up with his mates.

    Talk soon Chris!

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

    1. Anne,
      How nice, friend! I hope to "chat" with you soon and I look forward to your post about your son's big day! ( I subscribed; so I am sure not to miss a post!)

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. That sounds like fun! We've never done a caricature. I've always wondered how it would turn out. :)

    1. It was a real load of fun, Kathleen!!

      Thank you for stopping on!!


  3. That looks so fun! I am featuring you as my fave for this weeks Field Trip Friday. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Misty,
      Thank you for visiting AND for the honor of featuring the post this week at FTF!!

      How kind of you!

  4. That looks like SO much fun! Wow! I visited San Fran with my parents when I was a kid. I need to get my kids there someday! :-) Thanks for linking up with FTF. I hope you will be able to join us again this week! :-)

    1. Lisa
      Thank YOU for hosting and for stopping in, too.:)

      Def love the FTF hop and will be linking this week as well

      Take care!


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