Thursday, August 29, 2013

Theme Thursday~ "Shadows"

Just stopping in for  a little linky fun with Cari's topic this week:

Taken last week upstate.

There are pictures galore there.....
 but I do think this is one of the most illustrative of "shadows."
That's my son and hubby and, of course, Tom Sawyer Island in "our lake."

And please, friends, stop over to Cari's blog for more shadowy fun!

Thank you so much for visiting and spending some time here 
with me at my home on the web.

Until next time,

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  1. This pic makes me want to visit Tom Sawyer Island!

    P.S. Is it easy to set up "follow by email" on one's blog? I've never added that feature before.


    1. Thanks, Valerie...yeah, it WAS fun! And thanks for your lovely comments throughout our week away!

      I just stopped by your blog with some steps on how to set up subscriptions...very easy. Hope I explained it okay
      Take care!

  2. So beautiful! One of the many places I have never been in our beautiful country! Someday... And I cannot tell you how many sweet little islands the we have named Tom Sawyer Island. That is literature in action, and the grand purpose of it in the first place: to bring meaning, or to help define the meaning you already see in the world around you!

    Cheers to you, thanks for the kind words over at my blog!

    1. Rebekah, SUCH a great point about lit in action...and something that we really take for granted...but it IS a beautiful thing! Great observation.

      Thanks for stopping over and visiting...and yes, of course, you're so welcome. Your blog is lovely. I so enjoy your posts!

      Take care:)

  3. Just gorgeous, Chris. It's a magical thing to be able to call somewhere "our island" even if only for a short time.


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