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Theme Thursday~ "Statues" 8/8/13

Hi there, friends and welcome!
Cari's "Theme Thursday" topics are always fun and thought provoking....
For this week's topic, "statues,"
photos of these family memories came to mind....

 This past summer, 
one of the many stop son our cross country camping trip was 
the beautiful Salt Lake City.
The above statue is well loved by the residents of the city and literally drew a line of
dozens of families!
Awesome, isn't it?
Waiting on line to have your picture taken with a statue of Our Lord.

We were especially interested in touring Temple Square and, 
as Catholics, learning some of  the tenets of the
Mormon faith. 
Well,  they're not extremely open to answering
 ( politely phrased, I might insert here)
 probing questions from a teen and a pre teen.
Ex.  Q "Why are there no crucifixes on display?"
A "Because there are so many more important facets of Jesus's life 
we can focus on, rather than the horrible way he died......."

Okay, then. 
That pretty much sums up the chasm that differentiates Catholicism and Mormonism.

However, they were enthusiastic about their religion.
And enthusiastic Jesus freaks,
( my family's been called that too)
of any branch of Christianity?
Well, you can't beat spending an afternoon with them!

The LDS reps are exceptionally proud 
of their heritage and thrilled to share their culture with all.
There is a certain infectious charm around Temple Square 
and as we left that day to head to 
The Great Salt Lake, 
my older son said,
"Wow, Mormons are pretty excited about their faith and not afraid to show it."

And my younger son,
"It's a shame that we're visiting here and not hearing them say,
'We're proud that our President is one of US!'"

<sigh of defeat>
 But then the collapse of free press and the
horrific Democrat win ( again) in November 2012 has been beaten to death.
Every once in a while, I still lapse into a 
did Mitt not get in???? 

Being in Salt lake City did that to me, to all of us.
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So back to the statues theme!

I have to also share our favorite statue on our church's grounds~

The Blessed Mother shines upon Kev,
as he receives his First Holy Communion, and little brother Timmy.
April 2008.

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...and upon Timmy, on his special day.
April 2010

I actually got them dressed a few days AFTER their first  communions in these shots because,
as usual whenever there is a sacrament around here, it pours to a monsoon level and we can't get any good outside pictures!
So the above were both taken two days after their big days!
Yep I was able to keep Timmy's boutonniere fresh, but not Kev's!
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  1. The top statue is fantastic, excellent photo opportunity, I can see why people line up!

    Mormons are such an anomaly to me. We recently lived in a very Mormon rich area and was greatly surprised and impressed to see how joyfully and openly they live out their faith.

    1. Yes, it is beautiful, isn't it? ! And you're right...the way they live their faith is an inspiration to all of us!

      Thank you Rebekah for stopping by!

  2. What a wonderful statue! Definitely a great photo op moment for families.

    1. Absolutely! It truly WAS wonderful to see everyone lined up to snap a picture!

      Thanks Natalie for stopping by!

  3. Great pictures! That statue of Jesus is wonderful. How nice to have a family photo with Him :)

    1. It is, Laura, isn't it? Great to wait on line to snap a shot with Him!

      Thank you for stopping in!

  4. Mormon answer to why no crucifixes - "rather than the horrible way he died."

    Is this an actual answer your children received or a paraphrase?

    1. Yes, it is the answer that my son rec'd from our ( wonderful and kind ) guide.

      Thanks for visiting, friend.:)


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