Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY ~ Personalized Back-to-School Message Boards and Using Them in Our Homeschool

Welcome, friends.......
  Pictured among the photos of our first day 
were these back to school message boards, 
which raised a few questions among readers /friends. 
I was asked where I bought them or if I made them.
The truth is, with just a few supplies, 
(some of  which you may already have if you're into crafty activities once in a while)
they are super easy and inexpensive to create and personalize!
I'll walk you through it here with a  list of materials.
In no time, you'll have a cute little message board whipped up for your kids,
which you'll find attractive and useful.

My kids with their boards on Day 1 of our school year:


Here's a  "close up" of one~~

1. 14 in x 14 in dry erase board ~  I purchased these at our local Walmart for $3.99 ( + tax.)
I love the bright, fun polka dotted yellow background.

You can easily purchase a small  dry erase board here online, if your Walmart doesn't carry this smaller size.

2. Dry erase markers ~ Again, they were cheapest at Walmart. Amazon does offer a variety of styles, sizes, colors. If you'd like, check  out  their listings here.

3. Decorative scrapbooking stickers ~ Pick up a few packages that you feel are cute and fun.
Enjoy decorating your boards!

Here are a few pictures and links to the "school" themed scrapbook embellishments that I used:

Other school themed decorations ~ 


4. Alphabet  stickers to personalize the board ~ 
There are tons of styles out there from which to choose. Pick the ones that suit your children and spell out  their names or nicknames on the message board border.

This link takes you to the Jolee's Boutique  ( which I love!) alphabet stickers at amazon. But Micheal's and Walmart have great selections too.

Your message board is complete! Congrats...! I'd love to see a picture of how you individualized your creation!

How we use our message boards:

There are so many, many things you can do with the  boards as well. The kids  make these their own right away and they become attractive means for displaying the following:

*Problem of the day
*Geography question of the day
*Word of the day
*History fact of the day
* A few review examples before embarking on the day's new work
*Cursive or manuscript practice
* Short journal entries
*Artwork just for fun,  to correlate with the season or to extend a  curricular area
*A morning message of encouragement or positivity.
*A quote from an author, world leader or scientist currently being studied.
* A science, history, geography fact or Latin vocabulary derivative that needs attention and repetition 
*SO SO many more to hear how you might use it!!   

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  1. This is a great idea Chris, how special are the pictures with the dates one, love this idea :)

    Thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays...

    1. Thanks, Claire!
      I appreciate your visit!! Be well.

  2. Love this creative idea. My kids would love it.

    Thanks for joining the momma melody. We would love to have you join us again. Anything mom, from vacation pics, encouraging words, to recipes. I jot some notes on Mondays, but it's a come whenever you can kind of party. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

    Be blessed bunches,

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah!

      I really enjoy your Monday link up...thank you for stopping over and extending the invit.

      Take care!


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