Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Theme Thursday "Orange" 10/17/13

Welcome, friends!
This week's Theme Thursday causes me to ponder all things
 sunsets, sunrises, campfires,
birthday cakes ablaze
and rock outcrops. 
(Don't forget I'm married to a 
geologist who's probably taken more photos of 
geologic formations than of our kids.)
Also, this season's team jersey color, this season's prominent hue 
and how perfect:
 the Wold's Most Famous bridge!
So here are all my "orange" thoughts in absolute random order.
Because really, it's more fun that way!

Side of the road in Utah 2013
This illustrates a geologic concept that we had to capture.

"The Bridge Tour!"
A walk across The Golden Gate
July 13, 2013

Sunrise over the Throgs Neck Bridge, Queens
August 11, 2013

Sunset over The Great Salt Lake
July 9 2013

St Anthony's CYO.
Hubby and both boys are in there
Oct 2013

Adirondack camping
August 2007

Hubby's birthday
October 2009

Halloween 2006

Halloween 2008
Dressed as Civil War soldiers

Sunset over Gettysburg Battlefield
July 2009
Right near the cope of trees where General Amistad fell.

"Balloons by Timmy the Clown"
Yup, he booked his first party this weekend....
making balloon creations at a christening!
Hey, I haven't gotten a paycheck in over 13 years.
 About time they go out to work!
Here's a video  he guest posted here on my blog with a step by step
on making balloon  dogs.
This past Columbus Day 2013

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  1. What a delightful series of orange! I love the (apparent) randomness. :-D

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I appreciate the visit and the kind words!

      Be well!

  2. All beautiful photos, you guys go to the greatest places! And my son is totally jealous of your son!! He also makes balloon animals and does magic, but he is yet to score his first gig.

    1. WOW, balloons and magic! I wish they could team up! If not for those pesky 1400 miles or so! Good for him!
      We places an ad on craigslist and that's what got him hired....!Who knew?

      Thank you for visiting, Rebekah; I have to get to your blog to read your most recent posts. I appreciate the kind words.

  3. I love orange so much. It's my favorite color. I love how it appears so often in our landscape. Thanks for your collection.

    1. Oh, so agreed! The sky at dawn, dusk, etc...just gorgeous. I think it's fast becoming my fave too.

      Thanks for visiting, Cari!!

  4. Beautiful pictures Chris! What a perfect color choice for this month :). I love Utah. My husband and I went to the biggest loser resort there and hiked all over the place! Would love to go back.
    I will have to check out that balloon animal video. My son would love to be able to do that. What a fun little project!

    1. Oh my, I agree about how gorgeous UT is!! We love the west as beautiful. Thx for the compliment too.

      I do think you'll enjoy the balloon video. It's rather explanatory and fun too!

      Thank you Candace, for stopping in! I appreciate your visit very much!

  5. WHOO hubs cake is on fire;)! I am married to a geologist too:) we have something in common. We take lots of pictures of nature too

    1. Hey AnnMarie~
      Love your nature/field trip posts as well!

      Thanks for stopping in, friend!


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