Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Cold" ~ Theme Thursday 11/14/13


Thanks for stopping in for some Theme Thursday fun, 
hosted by Cari at Clan Donaldson!
This week, the theme, COLD,
was reeeeeeeally illustrated in my neck of the woods,
as temps have dropped into the high 30s/low40s,
even during the day!
Wow, none of us are ready for this.
We've been hanging onto summer and seriously,
 still traipsing around in our flip flops!
We even tried to deckschool this week, 
but once the sun moved and left us in shadows, we were done.....
In we moved.

So here goes....
these pics are from the blizzard of February 2013
and while it may look as if we were having a blast, I can
assure you that into our 5th hour of shoveling,
no one was smiling.
As you can see here:

 and here.....

 Literally, five days later we found the 
Hey Let's Go Have Fun in The Snow Mood
and so .........:

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And how about these adorable snowman post divider blinkies??
Thank you, Visual Insights, for sharing your creativity!


  1. I love your little snowman dividers. Where do you fin those cute things?

    1. Thanks for asking bc I did not realize how small my shout out the company was! Just went to your blog to inform



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