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Mid November Daybook: Of Guardian Angels and Candy ~ 11/16/13

Welcome to my weekly wrap/almanac!

In our homeschool this week~ Music, music, music as the boys prepare for their orchestra's Christmas concerts and even a couple of, "Can I practice violin before I do math?" queries.........    Moving through the curriculum in history and geography.....In science, labs and hands on with both boys: K, Earth Sci and T, still a few phys sci activities...Mathmathmathmathmath like crazy. K, yes, algebra. New/review again, again, again. T, fractions like crazy with a focus on analyzing word problems, clues, key words and phrases.  Soccer, violin lessons, a fun time at the park with friends one day, a Harry Potter fun and games program at the library one night, choir practice, youth group meeting.

Homeschool tip/trick to share?
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Nope, not kidding...that's the kinda week I had.
That's my tip.

 Liturgical year prep---We're all about advent too? Please go check out these Advent activities at The Catholic Toolbox

A don't miss link: You likely know my friend, Sheila, from her blog, "Longing's End"
.......But if you missed  this beautiful post, of hers ( one of so many)~  Build a  Home with hearts of Love and 29 tips for growing a lasting marriage, then click over now. You'll be soooo happy  that you did! Her posts are poetic yet practical  and always full of encouragement.... But even if she wrote about taking out the garbage, I'd click over and read her. Talk about style. Tell her I said HI. She's a sweetheart. 
Also, friends I urge you to seek out the series  Sheila wrote in  October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month at Longings End that is gripping and thought provoking.  What a horrible, devastating  topic and one that is never ever addressed. Simply by scrolling around her previous posts or by typing any one of the words related to the series in  her search bar, you will find it. I was shocked to learn  not only how prevalent domestic violence is, but  that we all may know someone who is suffering in silence. Please read her posts so that you can be educated, as I was, on many issues such as  the stats and how to offer the beginnings of help to  someone who does not know where to turn, should the need ever arise.

Praying for~ um,  more hours in the day! And since THAT's not going to happen, better time management skills....more of a focus on what really needs to get done and not what I feel like doing ( such as blogging!---but blogging's such a blast, isn't it?)

Thanking God for~ Can I tell you that I've lost count of the "almosts" on the road??? Numerous trips cross country, I mean 9,000 plus mile journeys, hundreds of times I just 'run' to the store quickly or zip just a few miles away to drop my kids somewhere and something "almost" happens on the road.
Last night on the way to bring my little guy to his library program, we were literally almost involved in a head on collision. suffice to say, we were minding out own business driving in the left lane of a two lane road ( commercial, not a highway) and a car swung madly from traffic going in teh oppostite direction ( there was no divider or anything, becasue apparently, he was too impatient with the slowness of the traffic. SWUNG across the double yellow line INTO oncoming traffic. Two. Carlengths. From. Us.  With about 3 seconds to spare before we were hit head on, I pulled slightly to my right...could not move into the right there and HE swerved slightly to his right and HE DID HIT US....he took out my driver's side mirror doing about 80 miles per hour. And THAT'S IT. He kept going....gone. Unreal. I was So was my son....Just breath. We pulled over when we could and collected ourselves. Do you know there was NO damage other than the mirror? None. I shudder to think of what could have happened if our guardian angels were not watching. My son said too, "We have a lot of people in heaven looking out for us." 
 Truer words ever? Don't think so. Thank God.

I'm creating~ advent plans, a birthday party for my son in a week....

This week's posts~  

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Next week's postings will be light here on my blog because I'll be finalizing my kids' homeschooling quarterly reports  due to the district AND preparing for our Time Lord's 11th regeneration party next weekend.

BUT, my "recipe" for a  "Girl on Fire" Victory Tour Celebration cake just in time for  the release of the Catching Fire movie AND my thoughts on reading the Hunger Games series with our kids is up now....... And I DID say reading the series  with our kids. My post on my son's 10th birthday party,  "Panem et Circenses" is here if  you're planning on a little Catching Fire fun for your family and want to catch a glimpse of what we did.
Also, if you're prepping for a HG theme gathering or just a little fun for the movie opening, here are our Hunger Games Halloween cupcakes, which we called "Clove's Impressive Array Of Knives Cupcakes" for the party we held.

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  1. Wouldn't be nice of we could have a few extra hours in the day. I know I could about 4 more at least!

    1. Oh my, how great would that be?
      Thanks for stopping in, Monique~!


  2. Well I must say Baptists and Catholics unite! We are preparing for the Christmas Homeschool Orchestra her in Texas, too, however my kiddo plays the clarinet. We have lots of piano music going on as the three oldest prepare for the Christmas Recital. Additionally, we are running back and forth between our homeschool choir & orchestra, soccer and co-op. Finally, I too am eager to break out our Advent stuff and start our devotionals, get out our candles and turn our hearts toward the Lord! Ah the blessing one day we will be sitting in our perfectly clean houses smiling about these days! Blessings, Kyle

    1. Wayne
      Wow, you really have a lot going on! Too bad we;re so far away....I'd love to be there for the choir and the orchestra perf.!! I'm sure they will be terrific! And yes, I agree with you in the unity....great point!
      Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment!

  3. Dear Chris...your words about Longings End are so kind and generous and full of grace. They humble me. And thank you so much for sharing this with your readers. I truly appreciate our friendship. With blessings and prayers...
    sheila xxoo

  4. Chris...your candy incentive this week is worth a hundred thousand bucks of sanity salvation. LOL Whatever works when we need it!! I well remember...AND, I just VOTED for you today in both your categories. May God's favor rest on you and your blog...And I see that I can vote count on my support.

    1. It's been a real blessing to have become friends with YOU, Sheila......

      When one comes upon a lovely, inspirational blog, one needs to share! I'm happy to do so....
      and thank you for your support! So appreciated.:)

      Love your visits here. Have a great day!

  5. It looks like I've fixed my POSTING problem.
    Great almanac.
    Enjoy your week.

  6. Wow. Just WOW. That was a really close call in the car. I'm so glad you are all okay! And mirrors are easy to fix!

    1. Yes, a mirror IS easily are so right, Angela!

      Thanks for the visit, friend.:)

  7. So glad to hear that you weren't seriously hurt or your car damaged in that incident. How frightening for you both!!!!! Good luck with the performances :)

    1. Thanks so much Laura for the visit and kind words.... and yes, it WAS scary...but thank God!!

      Be well and Have a lovely day, friend...

  8. That is so scary! Thanks be to God for your Guardian Angels.

    1. Yes, Jenny....we were shocked and grateful, that's for sure!

      Thanks for your visit, friend.:)

  9. We're still not over our "near serious injury" accident last summer. Our car was totaled and because of my husband's quick thinking - he took the brunt of the hit saving my older son from serious (maybe fatal) injury. Ohhhh praying for your guardian angels - to keep close eyes on ya.

    1. WOW, that is one frightening, experience, Cristina.....shocking.....

      Thank God !

      Thanks to YOU, friend, for stopping over....


  10. Stay well and safe...

    Happy anniversary to you and your blog!

    I always enjoy reading your weekly homeschool wrap-ups. Your weeks are so full, well-planned, and fun!

    1. Thanks, Marcia, for the visit and the kind words! I enjoy YOURS as well...just visited your blog..great ideas...lovely

      Be well and take care!

  11. So glad your Guardian Angels protected you! Loved your post and will be back to check out your links. Visiting from SWD. I will try to follow you on twitter.


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