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Daybook/Currently 11/9/13: Apple Crisp, Violin, Tons of Math and a Calendar Activity

I'm loving being part of this community of bloggers who share
 glimpses into their weeks, their accomplishments, some useful resources.
Writing it all down also  helps me see where I'm coming from, 
what I need to tackle and serves as a 
keepsake and "record" of our week.

Can I initially share with you some truly lovely news on the blogging front? 
 I was honored~  with two nominations in the Homeschool Post Blog Awards! WooHoo! I don't know who nominated me, but I'm quite thrilled and surprised! I'm up for Best Photo Blogger and Best Special Needs Blogger!  May I ask for your support? You need simply to click over, click the little dot to the left of my blog's name, Campfires and Cleats, and then scroll down to click the VOTE box. Done.One can vote once per day per device until November 18th.
Here we go:


In our homeschool this week~Well, unfortunately, not as much as I would have liked, or had planned! I think because we spent much time discussing lit, faith topics and "doing" music and art, I did not move as quickly through the other topics in the curriculum. We did beat a lot of grammar and punctuation to death in our writing as well as working through math problems each day in each of their levels...K, algebra, T, fractions....... We spent a good deal of time in 
Our Catholic Legacy and confirmation preparation...... ( We're using Seton's Confirmation prep book and also this Apologetics book and we're finding them perfect.) We've been  focusing a good deal on Latin declensions and conjugating as well as  baking, running to violin lessons, orchestra rehearsal, choir practice, two library book clubs and soccer practice.....I guess that's where the week went!

This week in faith~ Here are a few pictures of the November calendar that we moved along with this week.

 Last week, Lacy at Catholic Icing shared some absolutely wonderful calendar stickers for November which include saint feast days and Holy Days...boy, is there a lot going on liturgically this month!  I picked up the calendars pictured above at The Dollar Tree (!! ) and we're now on track toward celebrating liturgically this month! Aren't they lovely??
While the stickers are being cut and glued, we read about each saint in 57 Stories of Saints. If you don't own this book, you might want to think about it. We love love it. 

I'm cooking~ Very simple dishes for dinner...grilled meats, broiled veggies. Breakfasts and lunches have been no frills as well.I'm def cutting back on caffeine after my trip to the hospital. One nurse at the ER  told me caffeine MAY be related. So, I've only had one cup of coffee since then! Go, me! Not easy, giving up my hazelnut brew in the AM!! 
Here's an apple crisp my son and I whipped up one night this week. I got the recipe here at Betty Crocker's site. Easy peasy and fun...tasty too!

I'm creating~ a fall atmosphere in our home, or trying to! Also, continuing with my boy's upcoming 11th birthday Doctor Who party plans......lots more on that soon.

A few photos of our week~

Trophy Day~ today!
End of season
That's T, with the ball.
Orange shirt, black shorts

A quote from the week~ As I'm feverishly completing our first quarter's reports to submit to the school district, my son: "Mom, why don't you just submit your blog url to the district? Everything we do is on there. What more do they want?" Hmmmmmm....good point.

Next week~ You know that white space I was talking up here? Well, we're about to start filling it up.....I think. My son's auditioning for a show this week, which will be staged in January. He's psyched about this because his last show, Arthur Miller's All My Sons,  was earlier this year. He's tried and even received call backs, but no casting. So, we shall see.
Also, more violin lessons, more orchestra practice, choir rehearsal, a friend's birthday party, a trip to the cemetery for Veteran's Day and moving through the curriculum as best we can. Since we're "off" here for Veteran's Day, we also plan to use the day to get major projects done outside and in.

This week's posts~
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  1. Congratulations on the blog award nominations! You deserve it :-) Looking forward to hearing more about the Dr Who party - sounds so much fun. That would definitely be a big hit in our house too!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Lucinda!
      How sweet of you! I always love your visits...much appreciated!

      Yep, I will def be posting abt the DW party as well as some of our recipes and fun stuff that we'll try to pull off!

      Take care, friend!

  2. Great week! I am also having no frill meals. Its just easier sometimes!! <3 Congrats on the award and your one year blogaversary!

    1. Thanks Jen for your kind words and your visit!

      Take care!

  3. Hi Chris!
    I just love how simple and to the point your son is! Why can't the district just follow you! So smart.

    Voted for you!!! Hope you win!

    1. Hi Cristina...Love your visits, always:)
      True, right? Why rewrite what's already "out there?" LOL

      Thanks for the visit and take care

  4. Congratulations for the recognition that the Homeschool Post Blog Awards gave you! I hope your diligence and enthusiasm as a blogger earn you more of these...

    I love your devotion to liturgical living. I am inspired to make another attempt at the Jesse Tree. It hasn't worked out so well for us.

    I have to say that your son has the makings of an efficient manager :-)


    1. Thanks so much, Marcia, for your kind words and your visit....

      I like the JT kit we use b/c while the orn are not elaborate AT ALL, they are simple, hand made and no frills.
      Thx for the compliment too, for my son!

      Be well !!!


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