Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Couple of Bloggy Things: Subscribers, Art for the Poor and Giveaway Winners

Hey friends~
I hope you're all having a wonderful day!
Just stopping in briefly for a few items:

~1 ~
Those who subscribe should now be getting regular emails when new 
content is published.
Thanks to my friend, Candace and HER friend, 
Donna, who saw my comment at Candace's blog
expressing feedburner issues
 and quickly clicked over to help me....
( how awesome is THAT!?)
I now can rejoin blogland ( Donna's words!) 
 and know that those who 
subscribed are actually getting my posts again.
No, I didn't disappear; my mail service was just wonky.
Friends, click over to Candace's and Donna's blogs.
They have lovely spots on the web... you'll be very happy you visited them!

~ 2 ~
My scapular winners were announced and I have yet to hear
from three gals despite spreading word 
on social media and my blog.
I either cannot contact them due to lack of info
or they've not replied.
SO: If you entered and did not hear as of yet who won,
please click to my announcement.
Nine scapulars went out in last week's mail and 
I'd like to get YOUR winnings to YOU!
I know it's a super busy time of year and people are not online as often.
So, let me know, ladies, if you are a winner!

~ 3 ~
Lastly and most importantly~
Our efforts to spread the word 
about the work of Cross Catholic's mission 
in Honduras are failing.

Can you please please share info about their mission to
everyone in your circles?
You can click to their site right here to share.
Also, please see my posts on 
The Art of Giving for more details on
'how your kids can get involved easily.
Thank you for all your time in sharing this information!

Please visit again tomorrow for a post on
how my family saves money ( and time)
during the Christmas season and
later in the week for a review of SchoolhouseTeachers.com

 Friends, as always, I thank you for the precious time 
you've spent here at my blog.
Don't forget to sign up to receive Campfires and Cleats by email
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I'd love to stay in touch regularly!
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Oh, and IF you are shopping at amazon this Christmas season,
would you consider clicking through my link?
Here it is:

In this way, I will receive a tiny portion of the purchase.
If YOU are an amazon affiliate, please send me
your link and I will do the same!

Until next time,


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