Sunday, December 1, 2013

What Garlic Knots, Roof Surfing and the Beach Boys Have to Do With Advent~ Or: How Our Family Keeps Christ in Christmas Linky

Given what our weekend has entailed, I consider titling this post,
"Just Be Sure You Don't Get Hurt When the 
Roof Collapses..."
"Sheesh, It Was So Well Done;
I Just Wish I Got a Picture of It Before It Fell Apart."
My initial title, has been amended to reflect our crazy day today......
A little off-topic, right?
Well, no, not really......
There is  that advent ( and pre advent)
 service frame of mind that
my men had been living...
Let me tell you about it~~
You may remember me  mentioning 
 a few weeks ago in one of my
daybook/almanacs that my older son and hubby were helping out
 a friend with a construction project in his yard?
This became one of those projects folks, that takes on a life of its own.
I'm sure you know what I mean.
Especially when your home and your yard have a few areas
that are calling for help
from the man of the house and he's off at a neighbor's whacking away 
with the hammer and  such.
Being a friend does that and that's one reason I love all my men.
So, we wait on what needs to be done around here.
Ok, for five weekends in a row now, 
the guys have slaved, sawed, 
hammered, measured, climbed, drilled
 in the making of our friend's shed.
I mean really well done and kinda cute, actually.
It looked sorta like one of those
pioneer-built barns.
I wish I took a picture of the "finished product."
Boy do I wish I did.Because today, hubby was on the roof,
 telling me during one of my
snack-runs over there 
as he was hammerin' away 
on the roof
how little time he lad left 
to put in  on the roof, and then
The. Shed. Would. Be. Done. Yippee!
Within three seconds, hours and hours of labor literally fell apart,
with hubby On The Roof.
No time to gasp, think, shriek.
Ok, fast forward.
He. Is. Totally Fine.
Just in shock and aggravated.
We all  just stood there. 
Staring at the remains.
 And at each other.
The boys:Are you okay, Dad??
Him: <sigh>
Me: Seriously, are you okay?
Him: <sigh>
Me: Um, I wish I got a picture of that.
The boys: Yeah, Dad, it actually looked like you were surfing the roof.
All:Silence as we stare at debris which used to be a pretty nice lookin' shed.
Him: Roof Surfing? Really?
All: <<giggles escalating into hysterics>> 
And then: THANK GOD no one got hurt!
So, as the sun was about to set, ending the first day of Advent,
 we thought at that point.
 we'd  be walking away with only a few more hours until the project 
was completed.
Instead we regrouped,
ordered a pizza,
laughed about the slo-mo roof surfing,
thanked the good Lord that
all we need to fix is a pile of wood and shingle debris
and as we said our "Grace" tonight
( and to be honest, we do not say Grace every night)
my little man, who makes up the best extemporaneous
table blessings ever...
I mean ever....prayed:
"Lord, we thank you tonight 
for not only our food, but our friends,
our time together and even more time
 we'll need picking up the pieces
and trying again.
AND that's kind of advent-ish right?
Patience and anticipation?
Even when things don't go well?
for Daddy's roof surfing escapade.
I only wish Mommy had her camera to get a video of it.
and that I had the Beach Boys cued up."

I told he says the best table blessings.

On THAT note, I must say how HAPPY I am 
that my hubby is fine,
that we laughed over what could have been disastrous
if not for the grace of God,
 that I'm  joining in the 
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Since I wrote a post yesterday,
detailing our family's  advent preparations,
activities and traditions and linked it to Micaela's for her
"3 Reasons I Love Advent" carnival,
I realized while drafting this Keep Christ post,
that my thoughts were super duper redundant.
I'm going to ask you to click over to my "3 Reasons"
post on advent for the skinny on
how we "do" advent
for this Keep Christ linky as well
(as if the whole long drawn out roof collapsing saga 
wasn't enough time spent here at my blog!) 
in the process,
how we protect our family's most precious commodity: time.

So, here ya go:
AKA How we Keep Christ in Christmas

There are lots of advent wreath, Jesse tree and O Antiphon
 links and resources there as well!

Aaaaaaand if you're so inclined,
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CatholicMom column,
This Advent, Allow the Spirit.
for more of our Advent scoop!

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Friends, as always,  
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  1. Wow, that is a great story! Sure to be told again and again in future years, glad everyone is ok!

    1. Thanks, Rebekah!'s actually funny, even now, a day later!

      I appreciate your visit, friend!

  2. Wow! That is so scary Chris! Thank God your husband is ok. I love your "Um, I wish I got a picture of that." Sounds like something I would say :).

    1. Candace
      Thank you, friend!

      Always love your visits!

  3. Way to put a positive face on something that would have had me pulling my hair out. You have such grace. And I'm sorry you didn't have the camera, too. Maybe one of your more artistically-inclined kids can recreate it. :)

    1. Kathleen, you made my night with your kind words!
      Thank you for your visit, friend....

  4. Chris,

    You are a true blogger wishing you had a camera on hand. Do you remember you missed out on a photo when you went to hospital some weeks ago? In both case though I'm just thankful all turned out ok. This story could have had such a different ending. I hope the rest of your Advent is uneventful.

    God bless!

    1. Sue. How right you are !
      Must. Have. Camera. On. Hand. Always.
      And you said, it...things could have been awful, but we were very blessed!

      Thanks for your visit, friend!

      be well!

  5. Glad everyone is fine!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

    1. Thanks so much, Carrie!!

      I appreciate your visit AND the hosting of SS! Take care!

  6. Roof surfing, huh? that made me laugh once I knew everyone was ok. Now you've got a great family memory (better for some of you than others). Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.

    1. True, great memory....too funny. We were already laughing about it that night!

      Thanks, Susan, for stopping in! Always love your visits!


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