Friday, January 3, 2014

Orchestra Concert & Fools for Christ Christmas Skit with Violin Resources~ Artful Friday

Here it is the 3rd of January and I've not yet blogged a couple of
musical Christmas-y events in which the boys were involved in December.....
A busy advent and Christmas week,  certainly!

Well, let's start out with the orchestra concert.
My kids play a few instruments between them to begin with:
K~recorder and harmonica.
(He plays a mean "Piano Man" and "Promised Land!")
T rocks guitar and piano.
They have each dreamed of learning violin too, and over the winter,
we were lucky to find a local homeschool coop offering group lessons!

They began violin lessons  in March and broke for summer in mid May,
 as their teacher travels during the summer months......
picked it up again in October and were asked to join the
local homeschool orchestra!
How great is that?
Their teacher, also the conductor, felt  that, yes, they were ready.
But additionally, that being a part of the orchestra would provide
added depth and more of a  purpose to their violin studies.
He plays eight instruments and has been a true
role model for the boys and a  blessing to us!

SO , I'd love to share  a few pictures of the concerts.
~Nursing home afternoon concert~
The first was held at a nursing home and was such
a wonderful experience for everyone involved!

~Family evening concert~ 

And here's a little video of my son, in his first ever violin solo:
Beethoven's "Ode to Joy"


My little guy is a jester in our parish clown ministry,
"The Fools for Christ,"
and here are a few shots of their adorable and meaningful skit,
"The Reason for the Season:"

Timmy narrated and "violin-ed" his way through the skit!

Here are a few violin resources for study 
that we have used with success:

Essential Elements for Violin

Suzuki Violin School

 Christmas piano and violin solos
Easy Christmas Classics

Easy Violin Solos

Product Details

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