Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Snapshot ~ 1/27/14

I'm joining Pam today at Everyday Snapshots for her weekly linky!
Project Snapshot is a place within our blogs to capture and record a moment
 of the past week, big or small,
 with or without words,
which we do not want to forget..........
In time, these will compile into many memories to 
be shared and reflected upon.

My snapshot this week:
Representing the quiet beauty of winter.
Sadly last week's snow, beautiful as it was, negated our trip to D.C. for
The March for Life, cancelling our parish bus and pretty much
everything else planned, bitterly disappointing
many many people, including 
two boys right here.

One other aside?
My younger son said, as he saw me snapping this shot:
"Mom, looks like we have it all together....
all set and decorated for Valentine's Day,
everything organized."

Um, yup. It does look that way....( ! )
But of course, one step into my house and you'll see 
the tree and stockings are still up.
Priorities, you know?
I mean it's not that I'm disorganized!
Lastly, amAZING news friends!
My home on the web 
 was nominated for a Sheenazing Award 
in three categories over 
at  Bonnie's A Knotted Life.!!
The awards are so named in honor of Ven Fulton Sheen's 
unique use of media to spread 
The Word!
To say I'm  honored is an understatement!

Voting runs from Jan 23rd to Jan 27th.
Go, enjoy perusing the list of nominees and discover some
amAZING ( ! ) blogs!

And thank you, Bonnie, for generously hosting!

I'm honored by your vote, friends,
if you are so inclined to click next to my blog in these areas:
**Best Underappreciated Blog
**Best Lifestyle Blog
**Best Link up Ever (for Memoir Monday)
Friends, as always,  thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!

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Until next time,


Thanks to 
Shabby Blogs for the cute post dividers!


  1. Don't worry about the Christmas decorations. We still have ours up too. I thought I was the only. I'm glad I'm not in alone! We are just cherishing the season a little longer.

    1. True! Cherishing the season is a good way to put it! I used to feel completely "out of sync" if the decor wasn't down early in January...
      now, not at all.

      Thanks Monique!! I always love when you visit!

  2. We're experiencing the quiet beauty of winter today too. Love your photo, but sorry the snow canceled your plans! Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thanks so much, Pam! Love your PS hop!
      I appreciate your visit!!


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