Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekends with Chesterton: GKC on "Leisure"

"To hurry through one’s leisure is the most

 unbusiness-like of actions."

 I'm happy to  join  Sarah as part of her Chestertonian crowd  ( ! )
 for another weekend of sharing around GCK's wit 
and profundities! 
It's been SO much fun and so rejuvenating,
clicking around to read everyone's quotes and interpretations! 

When I  stumbled upon the above  in
our man' s Tremendous Trifles 
....I felt it  would be a most perfect choice 
for right now in our lives
 since we "do"
a lot of what may be considered "leisure" around here!
,,,such as this nuttiness in our own backyard...:
"Look Ma, no hands!!"

(turn your sound on too for Extreme Pogo!)
Fun, right?
Guess who filmed it?
But my son, of course, edited and added audio


The basketball, the baseball, the soccer,
the trips about which my kids quip
"They're not 'vacations,' they're quests!"
The whole climbing-on-roofs thing to
help a neighbor's cat out of a tree...Yes indeed.
And the  cavalier, "Don't worry, Mom, I'll be fine!"
as they scurry off to meet a new adventure.
Well, luckily they have been fine. 
You might remember that our last visit to an ER was mine
for heaven's sake, back in October!

up at bat
 Spring 2009
(love that Cross in the background---
that's why we do CYO)
hiking with mountain goats
Glacier NP July 2012

joining the Union Army
Gettysburg July 2008

 back when we had a pool in the yard
August 2009

taking a shoveling break
January 2009

 out for a paddle
August 2013

After a day of rain and 45 degree temps!
Aug 2013

Leisure and competitiveness though?
A fine line in a testosterone soaked household!
It seems that a little competition can be healthy, I'm told?
But there are quiet times of leisure that aren't quite so, well.....
loud, crazy and  dangerous....:

Gone fishin'
Aug 2012

Hunger Games crazy and whittling his own
 bow and arrow, Katniss style
March 2012

 Creating and editing his own newspaper for our former HS group
June 2012

Making his own Raggedy Doctor!
April 2011

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  1. I love that quote on leisure. And, it reminds me so much of how the American way to make our leisure into work. We work so hard at leisure that it ceases to become leisurely.

    Great pictures of all your boys! Those are some handsome ones!

  2. I love this because in many ways I see homeschooling as the essence of true leisure. Restful and vigorous both.

  3. I understand living in a testosterone-soaked house - love that you go on quests!!! Sweet times!


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