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Celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation ~ Dinner, Dessert, Decor ~ Festive Recipes and Ideas

Welcome friends!
As you know, my oldest son
 received the sacrament of confirmation
 earlier this week,  the final of the
three sacraments of initiation in our Catholic faith.
The story of our big day, in photos, is here 
if you have a minute ( or five) to click over.
And it IS our big day.......
The  spiritual prep that culminated in his anointing
with chrism was  truly emotional and overwhelming
Love to have you for a visit to my scrapbook of the day!
We're still talking about how beautiful the mass was,
how gorgeous the weather, 
how fitting the bishop's homily,
how happy my son was to have received the Holy Spirit.
Yes, he does feel different!

Now, for the nitty gritty practical side of things~~~
There are several dishes, 
treats and ideas I created or adapted
that I'd like to share here,
 which made my son's day a touch more special and festive.

Here we go:
I took no pictures of these courses - drat )
but we served  shrimp appetizers after the mass,
 followed by leg of lamb as the entree..
Fitting, right?...
along with potatoes and veggies.
A table setting photo:
Can't for the life of me get the picture right side up!
In the little cordial glass is a chocolate cross, 
whose mold I bought yeeeeeeeears ago in a chocolate shop
in Queens. I've used that mold for every Easter 
and every sacrament for the past 35 years!
I little chocolate cross at each setting makes a nice added touch,
I've found, for adults or kids....

Before the mass, a quick get together in the kitchen....
we also tied balloons to the front door lanterns.
Present at the mass and celebration were my son's Godmother,
to whom he gave flowers and his sponsor/uncle,
to whom he gave a boutonniere....
a white carnation, representing purity,
 with a spray of red,  
representing the Holy Spirit!

And here's the dinner table.~~~ 
as well as one place setting to get an up close look.
(It's amazing the slabs you can request be
 formed into an 
4 by 8 table with a base from "scraps"  in Cancos's yard!!)
My hubby is a sort-of geologist and actually,
this is gneiss, not granite.
If you happen to come over and mistake the rocks,
 well, be prepared for a
30 minute talk on the differences between the two!
He does love talking rock formation~~ !
Anyway, I do love this room, especially for celebrating special events,
such as our sacraments!


The "centerpiece" of the table is the framed picture of
our hero, Pope Saint John Paul II,
our Karol.
This is my son's favorite photo of him;
so we had it printed and framed for the canonization
 two weeks ago and for his special day.

I'll detail  each dessert  below~~

Again, not sure how to flip this pic....
I've tried everything.
If anyone knows, I'm grateful for a tip.
Thank you!
 ~The Cake~
So simple, it's crazy!
Boxed cake mix, canned icing~~

 I found a Pentecost cake at Catholic Cuisine with a dove atop and I was all set,
especially after some encouraging words about its arrangement
from my friend and fellow faith/ homeschool /cake/ family blogger, Tracy
Off I went to simply draw a dove and then trace it onto a 
Wilton sugar sheet, which I got at Michael's.
You can also just pick it up online right here.

Then I wrote my son's confirmation name in red icing writer 
on the cake platter........
Which, as you all know by now from reading it  nine million times
in my excitement and pride,
is Karol.

When I stumbled on birthday candles in the cake creation aisle at Michael's,
I decided it would be appropriate and fitting to buy RED so that my 
confirmandus ( is that correct?)
 could say a silent prayer of thanks before blowing out
seven flames, representing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit,
which blessed him that day.

Fear of God

"Dove" Chocolates

Hey, a play on words around the Holy Spirit involving chocolate?
I'm in.
Nice and easy ordering online

 "Keys to the Kingdom"

Another beautiful idea I adapted from Catholic Cuisine
All the details are over there...but this is a lovely, simple and festive
 touch to any Catholic celebration, is it not?
Here's what we did to create the papal Keys to the Kingdom,
as seen on the papal flag

I clicked through to amazon for the key candy mold,
then picked up a bag of yellow chocolate at Walmart...
We melted and molded the keys so easily and quickly,
 then displayed them as they are seen on the flag.
One bag of chocolate made 8 key candies.

Papal Cream Cake
The enchanting  story behind Kremowska, 
Pope Saint John Paul II's
favorite dessert is right here.
We made the Papal Cream Cakes for JPII's canonization on April 27th 
and again for our confirmation celebration this week.
The super easy how-to, as well as our major adaptation to the recipe
 is in my post
of last week, right here.

Thank YOU, friends, for stopping by and sharing in 
The Big Day!
I hope you might find  some of these ideas
adaptable to your own sacramental celebrations!

We were graced to be in the pontiff's presence a number of times.
Here, in America, twice.....once, in Rome.
AND---- we were blessed to see our current Holy Father in NYC in 2015!

Previously, I've written about our  JPII and  Pope Francis here:
My Pope, My Shepherd: Mercy IS Divine

Papa Rocks The Garden

Join Us in The Big Apple As We Relive Pope Francis's Historic Visit

Also, friends, if you are not Catholic and you'd like to learn more about
this beautiful Faith,
if you are Catholic and have not been involved in the 
practice of the Faith but would like to come home,
there is nothing that would make your Church happier!
Please do not hesitate to contact me~~ 
 I'll put you in touch with 
a priest who can assist you!

Thank you for spending some of your precious time today
here at my home on the web! 

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Until next time,



  1. Very cool ideas! Looks like it was a lovely party. :)

    1. Aw, thanks, Darlene!!
      I appreciate your visit as well!!

  2. Wow! I'm a fan of how you made the party very sacramental where everything is a symbol of something Confirmation/Holy Spirit related! That's really cool!

    I pray that your son responds to this gift of the Sacrament of Confirmation in order to spread and defend the faith by word and deed. :-D

    1. JR,
      Thanks so very much!! I really appreciate your enthusiasm and the time you took to say hi and leave a comment!

      Yes, we, too, hope that he continues to embrace and defend the faith...thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Enjoyed seeing all the inner workings of your special day! God bless the new soldier of Christ and his family. Everything looks wonderful.

    1. Thanks Allison!! I appreciate your visit and kind words, friend!!


  4. Those desserts!! How Cute!! I mean seriously...Karol cake, keys to the kingdom, and "dove" chocolate! I see what you did there ;). Great Job!

    1. Thanks so much, Cassie!! Love your kind made my day, friend...I'll be over to visit your blog and your "Currently" within a day or so...

      Thanks for the visit

  5. Lovely party, and yummy cakes :)

    Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays, stopping by your other post now..

    1. Thanks, Claire!!
      Always love your visits and encouraging words!!

  6. Hi Chris,
    I love this post and party so much! So many wonderful ways to celebrate such a special and big day! I loved it all and I'm thinking I will be using alot of your ideas for next year when my two oldest get Confirmed. Of course with a big link back to you here! :) So I pinned this post for future reference. :) Thanks too for the sweet name/blog mention. You did a fab job on all the decorating and food ideas! I need to get some key molds for next year's celebration or wouldn't that be neat to get the molds to celebrate the anniversary dates of the Popes! Like when Pope Francis was selected or for our recent Pope's canonizations? mind is wondering and I'm rambling! Thanks for sharing Kevin's special day with us! May he always continue to be a soldier and man for Christ because we sooo need men like him now more than ever! God bless you Chris!

    1. Aw, how thoughtful of you...thanks so much for your kind words ......
      I certainly do hope and pray that all of our kids are true soldiers of the Church, as you say!
      I'm sure your kids' big day a year from now will be beautiful!!

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a lovely comment!

  7. You look like a very tight knit family: so beautiful to see these days!!! Thanks for sharing, Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

    1. Aw, thanks Rachael! What a lovely sentiment.....Well, things are great right here and now.....!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a note!!
      God bless...I'll be over to visit your blog soon!

  8. I'm going to try this again, as it seems my previous comment disappeared. :( I love everything you have done-- just so beautiful and it certainly shows your children how important the Sacraments are. You are very clever and thoughtful. :-) Thanks for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." I hope you will be able to join us again this week.

    1. Sorry your 1st com disappeared, Lisa!

      Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words, friend!! I appreciate it very much!


  9. I love the meaning, fun and simplicity of your desserts! Glad the day was blessed and prayers that Confirmation marks the continuation of a long and fruitful walk in faith!

    1. Thanks, Martianne, for your lovely comment!!

      Well, the desserts certainly were fun to create~ I so appreciate that you stopped by to visit and enjoy some of our confirmation celebration!

      God bless!!

  10. Wow! Nice symbolic treats at your party! I agree that adults and kids alike would love them.

    Sharing your joy on your son's confirmation. I look forward to my eldest son's confirmation as well in a few years time.

    1. Thank you, Teresa, for your kind words and your visit!
      I look fwd to seeing your son's celebration on your blog in a few years!

  11. Dang it, I tried to comment before but it ate my comment.

    Anyway, God bless your son. How exciting (and gratifying) that he can discern the movement of the Spirit in his life. That speaks volumes of your parenting. Kudos.

    Also, as a Confirmation teacher, myself, I LOVE some of these ideas (that Dove chocolate, especially). They're kidnap-worthy ideas that I'll likely implement for my own kids as part of their Confirmation prep. Thanks!

    Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Gina~
      I'm sorry you had trouble leaving a comment...happy it worked this time, though:)

      Thanks for the lovely comment and compliment, friend! I'm happy to hear you liked a few and I look forward to reading about YOUR kids' confirmation celebrations before too long!

      Be well :)

  12. Such a wonderful celebration for a special day. You thought of everything! Thanks so much for linking to the This is How We Roll Link party. I love seeing what you and your family are up to!

    1. Thanks so much, Cynthia!! I so appreciate your visit and kind words~!!! Loving your Thursday party too!

  13. What a BEAUTIFUL post! I really enjoyed it : )

    To flip the pictures, upload them to Picasa (it's free) turn them the way you want them (and do anything ELSE you want to do to them) and then upload them to your blog. I used to have the same problem! : )


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