Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visions of The Southwest ~ On the Road Again 2014

Hi there and welcome!
Well, it's been quite some time since I've had the opportunity to enjoy visiting my 
home here on the web. We've been busy busy busy and I can't wait to tell you
 alllllllll about it! 

Lotsa pictures. Lotsa stories. Lotsa rejuvenating and reconnecting. And aren't we 
all in need of that from time to time? Seems disconnecting from the tech world and reconnecting 
with the real world and family  is more and more elusive these days, no?

I've about a dozen posts swirling around in my head, on paper and in draft form that
 I really can't wait to churn out. You know that  the best part of blogging is a virtual get together, right? We can't all meet in my kitchen for tea; so this is the next best thing. 

From my friends who live "close" by  ( Monique,  Monica, Lisa, Jennifer and Tracy
to my pal, Sue, from The Land Down Under, who lives nearly 10,000 miles away... 
10,000, wow, my dear friend, Denice,   to all of you faithful readers and 
 who stop by to share your kind words, your comments, your stories.......thank you 
for making this journey called blogging,  simply amazing......!

So, during out time of disconnect, we  traveled and camped and hiked and
 drove drove drove drove across this beautiful land of ours.....
Willie Nelson is right, folks. :
And it was just what we needed, because really.......:

Wilderness is not a luxury,
but a necessity of the human spirit.
~Edward Abbey, 
(who was an American author and advocate of environmental concerns)
Here's just a little about where we were and what we did this past month...
I'll be back soon, friends!

~~Roasting s'mores~~
Our first night on the road
July 4th
Happy Birthday America!
~~Crossing the Mighty Mississippi ~~
July 5
~~Hiking to the very summit~~
Great Sand Dune National Park, CO
July 6

~~ Rock hounding~~
Roadside geology in Colorado
July 6
~~ Breaking down the campsite in CO~~
July 7

~~Um, breaking the law in New Mexico ~~

~~Riding the rapids!!~~
Durango, Colorado
July 7

~~ Learning about ancient Puebloans' way of life~~
Cliff House, built 2000 years ago
Mesa Verde National Park, CO
July 8

~~Stepping into four states at once~~
Four Corners Navajo Monument
July 8
 ~~ Snapping wacky sign pictures ~~ 

Getting sworn in as Junior Rangers in their 
25th national park:
July 9
~~ Imagining the Duke's Stagecoach being jostled
 along the valley floor~~
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
July 9
~~Marveling at Balanced Rock ~~
Arches National Park, Utah
July 10

~~ Drinking in the splendor of
world famous Delicate Arch after an arduous 3 mile hike ~~

~~ Excavating 550 million year old trilobites~~
U Dig Quarry, Delta Utah
July 11

~~ Exploring the fairyland that is Bryce Canyon ~~
July 12

~~ Awed by wildlife on Utah's roadside ~~
July 12

~~ Trudging through "The Narrows" ~~
Zion National Park, Utah

~~ Checking out where The Doctor was shot ~~
Lake Powell Arizona/Utah
Wish you were with us, Denise!!
July 13
~ Gazing at the setting sun 
over The Grand Canyon~~
July 14
~~Hiking the Canyon!~~
4:30 AM/ July 15

 ~~ Admiring the Colorado River, carver of the canyon~~
From "Plateau Point" on the Bright Angel Train
About 5 miles  and a depth of 4000 feet or so
into the canyon

~~Enjoying a quiet, crackling fire ~~
While our aching bodies  limp around
after the big hike!!~~
July 15

~~ Committing another classic shot to the memory card~~
July 16

~~ Shocking, no? ~~
These are serious high temps in the Nevada desert.

~~ Enjoying a lavish and  atypical meal , for us,
after two weeks of roughing it ~
Vegas buffet 
July 16
~~ Catching up with the Pharaoh ~~
The Luxor, Las Vegas
July 18

~Avoiding hurling meteors
Meteor Crater, Arizona

~~Standing on a corner in Winslow , Arizona~
Such a fine sight to see!
Thanks to The Eagles
July 19

~~Getting our kicks on route 66~~
July 19

~ Amazed by a petrified forest~~
Millions of years old
Arizona  ~ July 19

~~Awed by a Painted Desert~~
Arizona July 19

~Walking in Memphis ~
Graceland, Tennessee
July 21

And finally......
 7,100 miles, 20 states,
20 national parks later  and with memories unquantifiable,
we are safely home.
Thank God~

Lots more upcoming.....

For those who may be in a travel frame of mind,
here is last summer's
Forever West series.

Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!

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Until next time,


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  1. Oh my gosh - what a fabulous trip!!!!! You really did see All The Things! I have many favorites among your photos (they are all so good), but I think maybe the meteor speed limit is my favorite fave. :)

    1. Nancy~~Thanks, friend!

      Yes, that meteor sign IS pretty unique!!

      Hope all's well with you....enjoy the night, nancy!

  2. It looks like you had a completely awesome trip!! What a wonderful way to spend some time! I am a bit envious I must admit as some of those places are on my list of places to visit. I think I like the scenic pictures the best :-)

    1. Thank you, Chrystal! Yes, we are very blessed to have been able to take the trip......I do hope you get out there one day very'll love it!
      I appreciate your visit!!


  3. Very awesome!!! I know, right, be still my heart! <3 Utah <3 Been to ALL THOSE PLACES. Your boys are so grown up, amazingly so from even last year at this time - wow! What a glorious time -- from Winslow Arizona to Zion's National Park -- beautiful memories! Thanks for sharing this!!! xoxox

    1. We truly did think of you and your kids while at lake Powell!! At the very spot where River shot The Doctor! Went swimming SO hot, yikes. 100 degrees at 11PM! But then again you know that, you western girl!

      Thanks for stopping by, Denise! I look fwd to being in touch now that I'll be in more of a blogging routine!

  4. What an adventure! It looks like you and your family had an amazing time! We would love to do this in the future. Thanks for sharing. I love the pics! Glad you made it back home safely!

  5. WOW! Chris! What a trip! You did so much and covered so much! So glad you had a great time with your family making tons of awesome memories!


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