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Adirondack Scrapbook 2014 ~ Our Week at the Lake: Beauty and Memories, Despite the Downpours, the Colds, the Loss............

Welcome friends!
Thanks so much for stopping in to share in 
our Adirondack scrapbook!
Well, we're home!
And I, unfortunately, could not keep to daily
and chronological posting of our week upstate
 (so much easier to organize like that!)
 due to lack of wifi.
My son is super techy
 and can usually circumvent 
computer related difficulties. 
Even with this awesome kid at the helm,
I couldn't get online and stay online
 for more than a few minutes.
And forget  about loading pictures.

The remainder of our week??
Well, I'd like to say it was sun drenched and infused with
endless family joviality and happy memories galore.
I could say that.
Buuuuuut,  life isn't all sunshine and unicorns,
so why expect  a vacation to be?
Yeah, we had rain, oh heck,  we had downpours,
colds, fevers, 
an ant infestation ( ew), 
a blowup over an Honors assignment brought along 
and yet to be done midweek,
an unexplained and miserable rash I contracted for three days
 ( no idea why, what, how on Earth. 
It's gone. Thank the Lord.)
Did I mention rain?
And wet.
Everything. Was. Wet.
Which probably helped lead to sour dispositions
 all around.
But that's nothing......
Into all this was came the saddest and most tragic news. 
Who among us hasn 't laughed with,
been touched by,
felt as if they knew him?
I cried when I heard.
My sons and husband, 
huge fans of his, huge fans, 
were shocked into silence.
To talk of him in the past tense is so overwhelmingly tragic.
Just tragic.
My kids act in community theater;
 my younger son
related so so much to Robin.
He'd look to the actor as a model,
a barometer of hard work and perseverance and success;
as he and my son have dyslexia in common.
And for him, it was  an especially melancholy time ,
 to hear that a beloved figure 
fought so and ultimately could not conquer his demons. 
The obstacles he overcame to achieve so highly in his field
are unquantifiable.
So many hurdles and so much love, but intolerable pain.
The best thing I've read, about this tragedy,
I mean, The Best Thing I've read,  
is written by my friend, Crystal.
Please go read it.
 Let's all become educated and aware and 
open discussions with our kids about the reality
of depression.
Thank you, Crystal.
You say it best.
So, yes, the sadness that we felt permeated our time.

But we did, in between the fevers, 
the sneezes,
the naughty ants and the unrelenting rain ( ! )
get out and enjoy our lake.
After all, we're only there once a year and 
we need to make the most of it!  
Even if that means swimming in 33 degree drizzle!

SO here we go.....
Some shots of our week, as well as other,
undocumented-by-the-memory-card events~!

This island here:
we call it "Huck Finn Island"~

Well, we swam to it, 
as well as beyond ....
Fun...and  exhilarating!
Yup, that was Monday, before the waterworks began......

While the sun shone:
Boat races~~

Enjoying boogie boards give by their Aunt~~

Badminton tourneys~~

More sunnies~~

In between raindrops:
A race to the dock~~


Texas Hold 'Em~~

Singing in the Rain??
How about Swimming in the Deluge?!

 These boys don't know when to give up!
Finally, the weather won.....
  too heavy and too cold!

A brief slice of sun!

Fishing trip!


 A flock ( ? ) of adorable ducks~
Fireworks in town!
How lucky are we
 that the rain stopped for a bit that night!?

Banana splits all around, post -  firework display!

And, on the morning, we left:
Catching two  last fish, each ~

Our fort...soooooo many memories here of the kids,


Ice cream, lakeside.....

Look who we ran into in town~~

The View From Our Cabin is a reflection of mine,
written a few years ago, during our week at the lake,
if you'd like to click over.

Lengthening Shadows is another.....

Paddle boats, Pleiades, Pike, Old Growth Pines and Promises~ 
Wrapping ‘Summer Love’ into a New School Year
is yet another piece of writing around our time 
in the beautiful Adirondacks of upstate NY.

Other noteworthy lake-ponderings and happenings that 
didn't get captured by the camera~~

**Watching for Pleiades despite the murky /cloudy sky
**Cabin lights, slowly aglow as dusk settles sending beams clear across the lake
**Can we bottle that campfire scent that infuses into our sweatshirts?
**Huck Finn Island's old growth pines whose shadows stretch and 
stretch and touch each shore of the lake
**Even more, dozens more, photos to frame and settle on our windowsills, tables, counters
And now, we've been traveling to our lake for sooooo long that truly,
the boys no longer look the same as when we began.
Who knew that would happen one day?
I have to accept it.
They're growing up.
**Glittery Christmas tree lights we string outside 
our cabin to light the night.
Nature needs no help accessorizing,
but I love me a lotta sparkle.
**sigh. So. Much. More.

For those so inclined, here's~~
Bridges, Boats, Beauty and Fish Whisperers
 Swimming, Sailing, Sunnies, Celebrations, Supermoon
If have time to click over!

Please don't forget to click to Crystal's blog for her
post on the tragedy we're all talking about.

Thank you, friends,  for visiting
and spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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  1. Chris,

    I've been catching up with all your photos. Thank you for sharing. Rain... oh we understand that. It's pouring down here at the moment. The rain keeps on falling... Not complaining though. We haven't had rain for months so it's refreshing. The ground was so hard and dry.

    Despite the downpours, it looks like you had a great time. Even with the grey skies, the lake looks beautiful. Those boats look like a lot of fun!

    Thank you for the link to Crystal's post. The best thing? I will hop over and read it.

    Lovely to see you back. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and stopping to say hello!

    1. Thanks so much, Sue, for the visit!!

      Yup, we did have fun, despite the persistent rain! We tried! Only one week a year; so let;s make the most of it, right?

      I'll be in touch, my friend!


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