Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Visions of the Southwest~ Adam London's "Laughternoon" for Smart, Witty Family Fun in Vegas!

Welcome, friends, for another installment in my
I'm loving  blogging around and photojournaling
our family adventures this summer, out west!
And I so appreciate sharing our journey with you, my friends.

So, in the heart of the natural beauty, hiking, camping  
and cultural history of The West, lies a fabled city....
an oasis in the vast  desert, so to speak....
 Las Vegas. 
Think "Vegas," and you don't exactly think 
"family," "kids"
 and "good, clean fun," do ya?

Well there is an entertainer out there right in the heart of
"Sin City," who is gradually changing Vegas's reputation and
offering performances that command respect and awe.

Adam London of the original and fantastic Laughternoon.

The magician with the rubber duckies and the generous 
after- show ice cream treats.
The one with the self deprecating humor and the trick twists
so unexpected that  gasps of surprise
 throughout the audience,  How did he do that?
and  Wow, unbelievable! 
were commonly heard throughout the theater.

And hey,this native and lifelong NYer 
( and former NYC teacher!) even laughed
 at his stabs at  our schools!
Um, more than one stab.
Hey, many a truth, as they say. So, funny and truthful? Yeah.
Oh and have  I mentioned  here on the blog that
my kids are homeschooled? 

And the polygamy jokes?
Even funnier than his one liners........
Ever hear a Utah native openly engaged in witty repartee about
 this one thing, typically avoided and denied?
Which tells you a heck of a lot about 
Mr London's open, honest and humble manner.

We were fortunate enough, during our visit to Las Vegas,
to see his show,  performed daily, at The D.
My entire family found Mr London entertaining, 
downright laugh -out -loud - funny
and honestly, his magic?  Jaw dropping.
When you leave a live show saying,
"How on earth did he DO that?"
and you're still talking about it  two days later
 as you cruise The Painted Desert
and three days later as you enter the deep south and Elvis's Graceland...
well, you know the show has to be pretty darn amazing!

Mr London is pure and fun entertainment.
From his involvement of audience members, to his stand-up,
he can be  witty, sarcastic and droll.
When in Vegas, you must spend an afternoon at The D with Adam London.

Here's  Adam London's Laughternoon on social media,
so that you can read more about his life, his show and
what makes Laughternoon such a hit:
His QuackMagic website.

So you want to buy tickets right now and secure seats during your
trip to Vegas?
Or course you do!
 You can buy that right here!

We were lucky enough to meet Mr London after his performance
And by the way, that autograph he's jotting out there?
My son put it  up on his bedroom wall the say we arrived home!

What a show!
We wish Mr London continued success and hope for 
many years audiences are graced with
 his brand of comedy and magic!

Disclosure~ My family received generous, complimentary  tickets to
Laughternoon in exchange for my promise of promotion 
on my blog and social media. 
As I'm sure you can tell, we had a wonderful experience,
 which I'd highly, highly recommend to any one, at any age!  
Should my family  find ourselves in Nevada in the future,
 which is very likely, 
we will be stopping by The D Theater in Vegas 
to see the show once again!
Thanks for visiting my blog to get the inside scoop
(ha, see what I did there?)
 on Adam London's Laughternoon! 

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time here at my home on the web!

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