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Visions of the Southwest ~ Nathan Burton is THE Answer to Family Friendly Comedy/Magic in Las Vegas!

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So, the next installment in my 
"Visions of the Southwest" series........ :
Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, you say?
Hmmmmm,  not exactly a place that many 
associate with "family fun," right?

S-l-o-w-l-y,  the times, they are a changin'.
Yeah, the strip is  drenched with graphic ads at all hours
 that you  want to shield from your kids....
Keep tryin' and just might distract them from one or two.
And we're not talking after midnight, but
at noon and 2pm and 4pm,

But, there are a few showmen who
have set out to create  family venues right there 
in major hotels and casinos on the strip.
We were fortunate enough to attend one such show and can I tell 
you,  it was a highlight of our cross country trip.
 All we saw, did, hiked, journeyed to, immersed in last month
over the course of 7100 miles....
And yet, my kids, my husband and I all came away 
with the feeling that Nathan Burton's Comedy/Magic  was tops!!

the remainder of the shots posted here
(with the exception of our family pictured
with the  crew)
 are taken from the the Nathan Burton  website
 and the show's  presence on social media
 and are used with the permission
of Nancy, Mr Burton's mom,
 who also manages the box office and 
many other behind the scenes concerns. 
And, who, by the way, is an absolute sweetheart.

Mr. Burton's unique talent, 
endearing, yet strong stage presence
 and  special  connection with his audience 
are several  reasons why, 
for days afterward,
my family and I could not stop talking about
his  jaw dropping illusions, 
the welcoming and warm reception
offered by all at the show
his humble,  appreciative manner,
both onstage and when meeting his guests afterward.

There are so so many things I can tell you about the show and
I could go on and on.......
In order to make it a bit easier 
for you rather than subject you to my ramble of how awesome the
Nathan Burton crew is, 
here are 6 reasons why you should bring your
 family to see the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show
the next time you're in the Vegas area:
1. Atmosphere: And I don't mean the physical setting. I mean the warm, welcoming hospitality offered from the box office staff to the photographer, to the onstage assistants, to Mr Burton himself. (Though, yeah, the setting itself was also pretty great...the theater's comfortable, yet large  and there is not a bad seat in the house!)

2. Amazement:  The website states, "Magic Like You've Never Seen It Before;" well, that's a fact. There is no possible way on Earth that these tricks  could've been pulled off, seemingly so effortlessly, and yet, they were.  We have no idea how, how, good grief, how any of these stunts and illusions were staged. All we know is that Mr Burton and his assistants awed and amazed the entire audience. 

How does he do that hairdryer trick?  Talk about talent.

3. Mr Burton is the personification of goals achieved.: From an early age, 
Nathan was enamored of the stage and performing magic. Here he is in kindergarten!
He told a story, towards the show's end,  about his intention, since childhood,  to headline in Vegas,  when he and his Mom visited the city. He went on to perform on America's Got Talent and the rest is history. Please click here to read, in detail, the story of Nathan's rise to his own marquee on the Vegas Strip.

4. Family, family, family. The Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show is not just Nathan Burton!  No way! From his Mom, Nancy, ( Executive Assistant) to his sister, Emily (Production Manager) to his fiancee ( his onstage assistant) the show is a family affair and from what can be gathered, is a joy and pleasure for all involved.  In fact, Mr Burton offered his Mom  a lovely tribute at the end of his show and asked her to take a bow. 

You know the one Mom among all your friends' Moms who was fun, sweet, caring and welcoming? The one you could always talk to, who always had time to listen and understand?
Well, Nancy Burton is this Mom.  (If you can't think of a standout Mom among your friends, well,   then that Mom was your Mom!)

5. USA! USA! ~ Mr Burton and all connected with the show share not only a deep love of family, but also a sincere patriotism for our country and respect for our Armed Forces.  There seriously wasn't a dry eye in the house when veterans and active military were asked to stand and be recognized AND when a clip from a recent show, wherein a little boy and his military dad were reunited right there on stage, was aired.

6. Economy!~ Who's not looking for quality, economical entertainment/events 
 on a family trip? The Nathan Burton Show will exceed your expectations! Not only will  you  be treated to  amazing magic and  "clean," family oriented comedy, ticket prices are extraordinary! Here's where you can get pricing and seating details. Go ahead. book your seats today!

The details, folks~~
Tuesday through Sunday 
 4pm  ~~  Saxe Theater
 located inside the Miracle Mile Shops 
Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino
3663 Las Vegas Blvd #454
Las Vegas, NV 89109
  NV 89109
Connect with  Nathan Burton and his team here:

For further info and to purchase tickets for the Nathan Burton Show,
please click  here for his website.

And how about a peak  at the talent and personality 
that is the Nathan Burton show?? 
Here ya go:  

And here we are:
My hubby, kids and me with Nathan and his crew members
after the show:

I wish only the best to Mr Burton and his family. He is the 
consummate showman who is modest, humble and 
uber talented and deserves
continued success for many years to come!
It was our pleasure to meet him and be in 
the audience at his comedy/magic show.

For my other posts in my 
 Visions of the Southwest series,
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Riding the Rapids with 
Mountain Waters Rafting

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Disclosure~ My family received complimentary  tickets to the Nathan Burton Comedy/Magic Show in exchange for promotion 
on my blog and social media. 
As I'm sure you can tell, we had a wonderful experience,
 which I'd highly, highly recommend to any one, at any age!  
Should we find ourselves in Nevada in the future,
 which is very likely, 
we will be stopping by the Saxe Theater to see the show once again!
Thanks for stopping by my blog to read all about the Nathan Burton show!


  1. This looks awesome, Chris! My family would love this. That blowdryer trick seems so cool. I'm really enjoying following along on your wonderful summer journey with your precious family. We have always talked about doing a cross country vacation but never made it. This is inspiring! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us homebodies :).

    1. Thanks SO much, candace
      You can take this trip, friend! If we can do it, you can...... !!

      Love your visits. Havea great day!!


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