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October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month~ The Face of Dyslexia & Myths Around the Gift of Dyslexia

Welcome friends.....
Tomorrow begins October!
That wonderful  season of 
all things pumpkin, apple cider, hayrides,
corn mazes, trick or treating, early dusks, cozy decorated homes
October, here in the USA, is National Dyslexia Awareness Month.

If you parent a child with dyslexia,
you are living the gift of a dyslexic life.
You know what I mean.
But, oh my goodness,
 you also know the myths, the stereotypes,
the misconceptions.
You know.
You know many things around society's false assumption 
about your kids.....
You see the looks askance when your brighter-than-average child cannot
fill out a basic form without your assistance 
at the library as he enters a contest.....

You feel your child's trepidation as he auditions for a role in a theater that 
did not offer scripts ahead of time "because
all the kids auditioning should have a level playing field."
And you think......
Mr Director, who obviously knows nothing about
successful dyslexic actors and how they've overcome and
 support they've had in formative years....
Mr Director, if you gave the script to every dyslexic kid who walks in off the street
for an audition two weeks in advance to preview,
forget that level playing field even then.
It doesn't exist.
Non dyslexic kids are right there by the  10 yard line.
Dyslexics aren't even in the stadium yet, Mr Director.

You moms of dyslexics have also heard .......
~~ that "modifications" for dyslexic kids offers them  
an  "advantage"
(if only)
~~ that dyslexics "see" things in reverse
~~ that dyslexics are "slow"
~~ that dyslexics are always hyped up, difficult to teach and
unable to sit still, ever
~~that dyslexics can't learn to read
~~that dyslexia only affects boys

And there are so, so many more untruths out there, circulating and
oftentimes negatively affecting those 
who live with this neurological condition.

So this month, let's promote awareness of dyslexia.
What it is.
What it isn't.
What gifts the mind of a dyslexic offers,
due to a different way of "thinking."

During October, I'll be sharing books, tips,
resources, methods....
all gleaned by way of my own research and the generous 
sharing on blogs and websites of those who wish to disseminate
information and activities around dyslexia.
As a former elementary school teacher, reading specialist
and current homeschool mom of a dyslexic, I have garnered some gems
which I'm happy to share....
Here are a few  posts from my archives which include 
resources, links and facts from well established
 dyslexia research organizations:

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sunday Snippets: The 30 Autumn Craft Ideas, PHFR, Arches National Park, 5 Minute Friday, Las Vegas and Book Giveaway Version 9/28/14

Welcome to Sunday Snippets, friends,
a carnival of Catholic posts,
hosted by RAnn at This That and The Other Thing.....
I'm so happy to link with other Catholic bloggers sharing their weekly posts!
Please join us at RAn
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This week's posts:
Visions of the Southwest~ 
Great Sand Dune National Park, Colorado WW

Five Minute Friday~ "Hold" 

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 Boardwalks, Pyramids, Flamingos, Bats, Magicians
 and Palpable Immorality in the City that Really Never Sleeps~
 Las Vegas: Wordless Wednesday

Pauline Books Blog Tour Presents
Marilee Haynes, "Genius" Author Guest Post
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Visions of the Southwest: Arches National Park, Utah ~ 
Wordless Wednesday/What We're Reading Wednesday

Autumn Decor & Craft  Round Up: 
30 Amazing, Eye Catching, Jaw Dropping Ideas for Halloween, 
Thanksgiving (and Fall in General!) 
~ Artful Friday~ 

For more shots of  PHFR contentment, please click to
I'm also grateful to link to my blogger friends'
weekly wraps listed on my sidebar!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Autumn Decor & Craft Round Up: 30 Amazing, Eye Catching, Jaw Dropping Ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving (and Fall in General!) Artful Friday

Welcome friends!
So as we embark on the last September weekend
and as Autumn embraces us all with its unique brand of
memory making, decorating, crafting and baking,
I thought it would be just wonderful to have a spot for
lots of Autumn crafty decor tips.
What's one of the best things ever about blogging?
Why,  my blogger friends.
My blogging communities are simply the sharing-est,
most generous people around.
I feel I know them and 
while I've been fortunate enough
 to chat on the telephone with a few of them,
I know none of them 
"in real life" as they say.
But ask away in a blogging group for ideas and wow.....
here's what you get~!
Over two dozen bloggers shared collectively....
 30 different crafts, decor possibilities  and freebies!

SO here you go:
From tablescapes to wreaths to mantles to wall hangings
to centerpieces and more!`
I certainly did.
And now,
I think I'll be pretttttty busy trying to  concoct
a few of these bold and intriguing  projects.

I'm a huge dollar store fan, but
Melissa, of The World According to Plaidfuzz,  amazed me at the
array of goodies that any frugal crafter can create with her guidance 
in her  Dollar Store Decor for Fall post!

Jennifer's How to Make a Burlap Table Runner at Godly Glimpses
is so striking, it really is more eye catching, 
than any found in a home gods store!

Crafter Beth, of That One Mom, has a super fun post,
 Get Ready for Halloween: Porch Decor Ideas, which should get us all
in the swing of  spooks and things!
This is just what I needed, Beth!

Christen's clever and oh-so bold
 Rustic Wood Pumpkins at DIY Swank:
How unique are they?

Super crafty Jennifer, of  Home Grown Mommy, 
offers her Fall Wall Art banner....
free and easily downloadable for her subscribers!
How lovely!

Annette of This Simple Home shares her sweet  Fall Apothecary Jar

Easy and pretty!

Erin's simple, classic  DIY Fall Flower Wreath at Magenta and Lime:

Diann shares several  crafts from her home on the web, The Thrifty Groove~~
Her tutorials are so well done; she makes them all look super easy!
Check our her two variations on  traditional fall wreathing~~

...and for her  Fabric Halloween Wreath creation, 
here's what you need~~:

for the gorgeous finished product~:
So unique!

Diann also offers a tutorial on her original
I think this is my fave!
I'm always in Walmart too...how easy to pick up these glittery gourds!

Victoria, of Mommy's Playbook, shares some clever and  
certainly eco-friendly decor she crafted featuring upcycled yard waste!
Here's her Halloween Door Decor made simply with pine needles and
other craft supplies that we're all  sure
to have on hand~
Pine Needle Wreath

A fantastic Fall craft project/decor idea for 
moms and kids to do together, is  shared by  
Alicia at Vibrant Homeschooling.
Plus you get to take a nature walk too!
Mom + Kids DIY:
 Fall Art Project and Banner

Davonne shares her inspirational and practical
Six Simple Ways to Invite Fall into Your Home,
 "when you don't love spending a ton of time 
decorating to get that cozy atmosphere."

Kathe, of Kathe WIth an E,
offers several posts centered around 
her lovely autumn decor. 
Kathe feels she needs to "rein in"
 her enthusiasm so as to keep her decor  "simple and understated" 
and wow, do I hear that, Kathe! 
To start, here's her striking Fall Mantle Decor

Fall Mantel Decor

.....Kathe's stunning, yet simple Fall Tablescape:
Now isn't this a table we'd all adore dining at with family and friends?
Fall Table Decor

And speaking of table settings, Kathe's Halloween Birthday Tablescape,
 is a great spot to gather with "ghoulfriends," as she suggests!

Marlys's  Burlap Place Mat is simple, yet stunning~
Check out her easy tutorial at This and That, her home on the web !
Burlap Place Mats #DIY #placemats #DecoArt #fabricpaint #burlap

Christine, of Rustic and Refined details several striking Fall displays...
Her Fall Tablescape is breathtaking, isn't  it?

Christine also demonstrates decorating a jaw dropping

Jillian, of Hi! It's Jilly, illustrates a 
Framed Burlap Pumpkin, for which we'll need these supplies
to create this finished product:
Gorgeous, no?
Sweeties, you must click over to  Jillian's post,
because in addition to the above framed pumpkin, 
she  generously shares her  household Fall Decor.
Just beautiful!
Here's one of several shots you have to see~

 Framed Burlap Pumpkin Tutorial and Fun Fall Decor from Hi! It's Jilly

This gorgeous Tulle Halloween Wreath
is explained and presented so beautifully
by Lara of Overstuffed Life....

Tammy, of One More Time Events, 
 regales her readers 
by impressively  upcycling pallets, of all things,
to create remarkable 
Here's one of many shots that she shares...you must click over.
You'll be inspired  the rest!

Tammy also shares a striking  Buffet Makeover,
which you need to see to believe!
Absolutely stunning!

Vintage Pain and More author, Cathy, uses drop cloths as her
medium for Halloween crafts...
Here is her dramatic Drop Cloth Pumpkins.

...as well as Entryway Decor:

and a splashy Fall Mantel~!

Wait til you check out Zinnada's before and after shots
at Tea Tripping!
Here's her Fall is Here craft....
the best part is her family involvement!
Those adorable pictures!
I can't wait to see your "Winter is Here" tea section, Zinnada!
Thank you....

Stacie, of Super Mommy to the Rescue,
( do you love that blog title?)
shares a through and adorable 
How sweet!

Aren't these creations just bold and stunning?
I am so very grateful to this group of 
 bloggers who so generously shared their
talents and creativity!
Ladies, you've given SO many SO much inspiration!
~~ Thank you!~~

For my previous "Artful Friday" posts, 
you might like to click below.....
They're all here if you'd like to dust off something from the archives:
First, there's my son's super popular  guest posts on crafting rocket balloons,
 both of which include instructional videos:

"A Door in the Wall" Inspired Wooden Cross Craft 
for Holy Trinity Sunday & the Feast of Corpus Christi

 ( knitting, winter crafts, the theater and piano)

I hope you get a chance to click over and enjoy one of his posts!

 Friends, as always,  
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