Friday, September 12, 2014

The ~ Soccer Begins, Nativity of the Blessed Mother, Parish BBQ, Ice Bucket Challenge, School in the Pool, Healthy Living eBook affiliate version of QT/WWU 9/12/14

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Lots going on and a QT/wrap post is a great way to organize my thoughts as
well as share with you, my readers!
Busy week we're in~
here goes.......

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A wonderful man in our parish was diagnosed with ALS, 
are you ready, 21 years ago!
We, of course, are doing everything we can to raise awareness about and
funds to aid in researching a cure for  the disease! 
He is an inspiration. 
A local caterer held a huge ice bucket challenge with a dunk tank,
a barbeque and a DJ last weekend....
What a turn out!

That was some cooooooold water!!
But on a super hot and humid day?
As you might expect from the title,
 lots of soccer and baseball is  "covered" here at the blog.
Not the pro kind, of course.
Soccer season's in full swing at our CYO:

 as a mid fielder last Saturday: goalie:


Both boys were involved in the behind-the-scenes
of our parish bbq last weekend.....
My younger guy is a jester in our clown ministry and here he is
 with his balloon animal making stand!
A lot of kids were super happy with their elephants, dogs,
cats and teddy bear balloons!

For his fun and informative video on
how to make your own balloon animals easily and inexpensively,
click right here!


A few days this week were UNbearable in terms
 of heat and humidity....
we took to sitting in the pool
( a wading pool...nothin' fancy)
to red and do work!
Fractions, decimals and exponents...
pass the lemonade! 


Please, friends, see my post here at my blog
or here at Catholic Bloggers Network
about an amazing family
who needs our prayers and support!

We celebrated the birthday of our Blessed Mother this week!
~~September 8th~~
How could we "do" our day-to-day without her guidance?

This week's posts:
Visions of the Southwest~ 
Great Sand Dune National Park, Colorado WW

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  1. Chris,

    What a great photo of your son doing his school work in the pool! It doesn't sound like it's starting to cool down yet at your place. We're into the second week of spring so it's warming up (slowly) here.

    Is soccer very popular in the US? It's fairly popular here especially with kids, but nowhere near as popular as in Europe. More people seem to like rugby league and union, and Aussie rules football.

    Mary's birthday cake looks delicious!

    1. Sue~
      Love your visits, friend~
      Wow, if Spring is awakening by you, Fall is around the corner here! LOVE Fall.....but winter right behind? No. I could keep Fall all year!

      Thx...the cale was a boxed mix, easy, yummy and of course, festive. I love making a blue-ish cake for the Bl Mother's bday each Sept 8!

      Soccer....well, not So popular anymore. Lacrosse is taking in the northeast, anyway. In fact our CYO soccer numbers are down bc of all the kids who sign up for town Lacross teams. ( LaCrosse has filed movement similar to soccer, but with tiny baskets on sticks that the kids catch/throw the ball) And that's about the extent of my sports knowledge!
      A few decades ago, soccer was exploding here, across the country. EVERY kid was on soccer teams!
      When I was growing up in the 70s ( born mid 60s) No soccer at all. It was unheard of. Every boy was on a little league baseball team and girls, if they wanted sports...there were little league softball teams. I was on my junior high school school swim team for 1 year....and then I didn't make the team in my new high school...oh well, I'm not an athlete! Swimming was quasi popular back then....I think Mark Spitz...the US Olympic swimmer got everyone in the pool around those times.

      It's interesting tho, Sue, how in Different areas of the US, different sports reign. Lacrosse is unheard of out west, for ex and yet, here there are lacross equipment shops prevalent!

      Sue enjoy your weekend!! And good "chatting" with you!


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