Friday, October 17, 2014

Bewitching Lantern for Halloween ~ Artful Friday

I'm so excited about this Halloween lantern project 
and I just can't wait to share it with you! 
Here it is with absolutely no lights on....

and, here, with the flash....
This way you have a sense of the finished product!

Hey too bad we can't all get together at my kitchen table with the kids and
go paint crazy on these lanterns!
This is kinda similar, material-wise, to the
 Ten Minute DIY Votive Candle Holder
that my son created last week, 
but extremely different in mood and appearance!
Let me show you the supplies we used, so you can begin 
to get thinking about gathering them:
Easy right?
Except for maybe the paints.....
but if  you put those on your list to pick up next time
 you're running errands, 
you'll still have enough time to craft these lanterns
 and enjoy their decorative look until Halloween approaches!

Before I give you any more details, I have to credit
for sharing her gorgeous creations!
I'm lucky enough to be in a blogger group with Liska,
which is where I was introduced to her blog.
As soon as I saw her share these Enchanting Halloween Lanterns,
I knew  this was  a project my kids would love!
And one that will grace our table this season and for years!
So please go see Liska and her truly lovely lanterns.
You'll be so happy to spend some
 time at her home on the web.....
And thank you Liska, for generously sharing your idea!
Then come back for the skinny on how we adapted her step by step tutorial!
Ok, so here are the details on the supplies, 
just in case any, above, require it:

that one with the spongy pad? That's the one my son found best for the project 

black acrylic paint marker
craft aisle at Walmart 

acrylic purple paint 
Folk Art brand worked well and is carried by Michael's and Walmart around here

glass jar
 we used a sauce jar  but smaller ones are great too - relish jars, etc

votive candle
I only had the battery op on hand,
 but will try out our lantern with a real candle asap

construction paper and scissor 
if you plan to use the stencil which Liska shared at her sight. 
We did not (yet) but I'd love to try it out because her design is
spooky and Halloween mood setting!
Simple steps to a lovely creation:

1. Paint the inside of the jar.
Liska used spray paint, but I checked three stores and 
found no one carries purple spray paint!
This worked well though.

2 Draw a mood setting, Halloween/Autumn sketch on the outside of your jar.
Color with that black paint marker

3. Keep adding those seasonal touches.

The final product!
here's my little guy with his lantern and boy
did he have a ton of fun!

I have to say, it casts a pretty, home-y,
yet eerie glow on our table at night!

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  1. How pretty! I especially love the witch he drew!

    1. Thanks so much Emma!!
      I appreciate your visit!

  2. This is pretty neat. How long does the paint on the inside take to dry? So glad you listed where to buy supplies. That is helpful for me, the non-crafty girl.

    1. hey Melanie!
      Thanks for your kind words and for visiting!
      I'm heading to your blog to reply there and answer your ques.


  3. Oh what a lovely project! Really cute & fun to make! Just pinned!

    1. Thank you SO much!!
      I hope you enjoy doing it with your kids as well!
      Thanks for visiting~~

  4. Aww these turned out great, perfect for Halloween :)

    1. Thanks Claire~ And so easy too!

      Love your visits, friend...xoxo

  5. This is so cute! I love that kids of all ages can make them. Thanks for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen party!

    1. Yes, they can! Really, from toddlers through teens!

      Thanks so much Cynthia, for stopping by!!



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