Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grace of Yes:Eight Virtues for Generous Living ~ How Do We Say YES to God? #GraceofYesDay

If anyone had told me, even a handful of years ago......
that friendship can happens in the middle of the night,
or on a computer monitor 
or  that I'd consider  a true friend someone I'd
 never even "met" in person,
I don't know that I'd have believed it.
Well, as you know, it is true, this thing called friendship
 and its transcendence through the virtual world, 
across time zones and sustaining us year after year.
 I'm honored to call many friend who 
who  encourages and prays for me,
helps me through disappointments,
 cheerleads my kids through small victories 
from across the state or the other side of the continent

Well, for me, one of these very dear angels
 is also friend to so very many others.
The inspiring yet grounded and practical Lisa Hendey,
 who's without a doubt, touched and changed lives.
Lisa, who's known by so many around the globe
by her special quality of gospel interpretation at her
 warm and welcoming site, Catholic Mom.com,
who's penned the popular 
  Handbook for Catholic Moms
and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms
 and who now offers a  brand new "guide" if you will,
to Eight Virtues for Generous Living  in her new title,
.The Grace of Yes

It's clear that I'd be a bit biased upon cracking open my
copy of Lisa's new title........
Of course I'm excited about my friend's
latest success and of course I share her enthusiasm for 
the New Evangelization.
But, wow, this book, friends.
I can guarantee yours will  be read, reread, dog eared and pondered.
Mine already is. 
It's a gold mine....
Once I delved  into The Grace of Yes, 
I was captured by the practical wisdom, personal anecdotes
and re-living of the Gospel messages  that Lisa weaves through her virtues.

Here are Lisa's own experiences which spoke to me,
called out to me and caused me to really live
 in the virtues she outlines in The Grace of Yes:
Chapter 1. The Grace of Belief
"Journeying toward a common spiritual goal with my spouse
 has also taught me to judge neither our family's domestic church nor my own holiness by anyone's measure."

Chapter 2: The Grace of Generativity
"Learning to give of myself generously in love is a skill that is as old as it is new."
and I looooove this:
"Today, my yes as a Mom means avoiding the urge to cyber-stalk, 
to make their decisions for them or to wish them back into the nest."

Chapter 3: The Grace of Creativity
"The smartest thing that I do work-wise every day is  include among
 my morning prayers  a plea to accurately hear  and respond 
to God's agenda for my work."

Chapter 4: The Grace of Integrity:
"On my best days, my avatar represents some of the aspects of my life
as I wish they were more consistently."

Chapter 5: The Grace of Humility
"Humility, like fame, rarely grows to full bloom overnight."

Chapter 6: The Grace of Vulnerability
"I'm also reminded to look  to mentors of my own and to 
increasingly hear and value their perspective."

Chapter 7: The Grace of No
"..the more I live in a yes mindset, the more I realize the mandatory
presence of a few well-timed no responses along the way."

Chapter 8: The Grace of Rebirth
"As weak as I am, God who is mighty and all-powerful has 
begun a  good work in me."

Lisa closes each chapter with a set of questions "To Ponder"
as well as a prayer relative to building and growing that specific virtue.
If there is anyone who exemplifies generous living to me,
  as her subtitle suggests, it is my friend Lisa.
It's been a privilege  for me to be introduced to The Grace of Yes
and to share it here with you and an honor to be have Lisa in my life,
to call her friend.
Here's how you can stay connected with
 Lisa's Catholic Mom.com  and The Grace of Yes on social media:

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  1. I'll need to get a copy of this book to read. Sounds like something I can use to help keep my attitude in check and eyes pointed towards Heaven.

    1. I hear you, Laura.... You will really love it!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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