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Thanksgiving Dinner Shake Up! 25 Amazing Side Dish Recipes from Across the Blogosphere!

Welcome friends!
Thanks for stopping over for my round-up all things 
Thanksgiving sides!!
From beets, to cornbread, to stuffing, to gravy, to carrots....
with cheeses and sauces galore.... and more.....
I am SO happy to offer 25 pretty darn amazing and
unique dishes all in one spot!
You know, there are many blogs out there....
particularly mommy-blogs, homemaking and recipe blogs....
But truly folks, my blogging friends are The Best.
They've offered their tried and true kitchen experimentations,
saving us all that messy work so we can just get down and have fun
creating food and memories for our own Thanksgivings!

So let's enjoy and get started....
To  begin, here's  my friend, Kathe of Kathe with an E, 
sharing her savory and unique
Thank you, Kathe!
And wait until you click over for the simple how-to!
Jaine of Jaime Loves Stuff includes her delectable recipe for 
in a Thanksgiving reflection...go enjoy.
What a fantastic and clever combo!
Thank you Jaime~!

Jenny, of In the Kitchen with Jenny,
offers her Wild Rice Pilaf

Here are  a couple of my friend, Lisa's, side dish recipes~
Lisa hosts Try A New Recipe Tuesday at her home on the web
and puts together homemaking posts
and recipe shares that are amazing!
Plus, she's a sweetheart and her kids are cute.
So go visit and tell her I said HI!
Here's Lisa's 


They look delicious, no??
I'm looking forward to specifically trying out the spinach dish!
My little guy is a huge fan!
Thank you, Lisa!

Rebekah at Making Miracles shares a few of her goodies:
And I loooooove her step by step instructions on each.
Here are a few of Rebekah Rose's  awesome dishes:

Both of Rebekah's carrot recipes look delectable and easy!!
Wait til you see how easily  she explains the prep~~ 

Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan

Thank you, Rebekah!
You rock in the kitchen!!

Debbie from Country Girl Gourmet
Love it, Debbie!
Thank you.......

How unique is Tshamina's Pistachio Salad from Thrifty T?

Wow, amazing, Tshamina!
Thank you!

Melissa, of A Virtuous Woman, has shared numerous side dish
recipes...each one is  a creative twist on a traditional fave.
I'm not sure which I'd like to try first!!
Here are a few of Melissa's~

Who knew beets could be soooooo enticing??
Here are two of Melissa's offerings~~

There's no pic ( yet, anyway) with this one...but go see Melissa's's easy and wow, so yummy sounding!

Jessie, of Moola saving Mom has a pretty cool variation
of the Thanksgiving dinner staple.
here, she shares her

Thanks Jessie.....
these look to-die-for... and oh so time - saving!

Tonya, of The Sunny Patch, offers her unique and tasty

Evelyn, of My Turn For Us, offers an  easy-as-pie recipe ....
my Mom was the go-to gravy maker for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e
 and I'm so reminded of Mom's 
kitchen style  by Evelyn's gravy description and pics!
Thank you, Evelyn!
Here is her

Karen, of Somewhat Quirky Designs, shares her
Just click over and you'll know what I mean!
Really though, how terrific do these beans look??

Also, go check out Karen's Smoked Chili Scalloped Sweet Potatoes!

Seriously amazing chili/potatoes, right?
Looks right out of a magazine, Karen!
And I loooooove The Thanksgiving Commandments....!!
go check out Karen's witty and welcoming blog while you grab
her cool recipes!

Annette, of The Simple Home, shares Grandma's Sausage Stuffing
Go get the scoop on how to create Annette's grandma's Thanksgiving staple and
enjoy the visit to her lovely blog in the meantime!

Now this~~~
Seriously, this next recipe blew me away....
Pear Salad with Pistachio, Bacon and Maple Red Onion Vinaigrette
shared by Michelle of So Wonderful, So Marvelous is 
sooooooo wonderful and so marvelous!
Killer creative!
Here's what you need:

and here' the finished product ~

gorgeous, right!?
and yummy looking too!
Guys, go snag the how to and click around this ma-r-v-e-l-o-u-s blog!!
Michelle, thank you!

SO that's it!
Awesome, right?!?
I so look forward to trying MANY of these!
Thank you to all my wonderful friends across the blogosphere
who eagerly shared their kitchen expertise!
To you, my blogging friends,  and to you, my readers,
a Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm grateful  for you all!

Did you know, by the way, that I'm a Compassion Blogger?
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  1. Thank you so much, not only for including my recipes, but for your kind words. Love ya, girlfriend! xoxo

    1. Aw, SO happy to include yours!
      I do find that spinach recipe intriguing....:) Love to try it.
      THANK YOU for sharing yours!

      < Love ya back >

  2. SO many great recipes, Chris! I'm obsessed with Brussels Sprouts these days so I'll start with those. Pinned! I'll have to use one of these to take to our family Thanksgiving get together. I usually buy something prepared, but would love to make something :). Thanks for the inspiration, my friend!

    1. Yes! I know, aren't they just delicious looking?! And wait til you click thru and see the how to...they're all so simply explained!

      Thanks for stopping over!

  3. Ok - I am salivating. totally want to try the cheesy stuffed mushrooms and the smoked chile sweet potatoes - and not wait until Thanksgiving to do so!!!! YUM!

    1. YES! Debbie! I agree; those two look delectable.....I'm partial to anything cheesey-sauced! The dishes are so darn creative too!

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. These all look and sound so delicious! I am thinking about definitely adding the mushroom Parmesan rice this year:). I always host 2 annual thanksgivings, one on Thanksgiving Day, and another (affectionately called T2) for all those people who cannot make it on the actual holiday. This will be a great resource for some new ideas!!

    1. Yes, the parm rice with mushroom DOES look wonderful! I still haven't quite figured out which to try first!

      Happy Thanksgiving, Bekki and thanks SO much for visiting! I'll be thinking of you cooking like crazy for two Thanksgivings!

  5. Um, pin this! Thanks for sharing such a great variety of recipes. Looks like there's some gems in there.

    1. Thanks Kathryn!!

      There IS a great variety, right?? I'm thrilled with the selection....SO happy you clicked over....I hope you get to try one from the list above.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. What a great round up Chris, you have made me so hungry :):)

    Thanks for sharing #CreativeMondays

    1. So happy to Z"see" you, Claire!!
      Thanks for stopping by and for hosting!


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