Sunday, December 7, 2014

Faith Sunday on Pearl Harbor Day and an Advent Linky

Happy Faith Sunday, friends.... :)
Not only are we lighting the second purple candle in our churches and 
homes this week, but today is a day, also,
 of special and historical reverence to 
my American  friends and family.

It was referred to 
 The Day That Will Live in Infamy
by our President Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
 decades later affectionately  known as "FDR,"
during the speech in which he declared war on Japan for
"suddenly and deliberately" 
staging a surprise attack on 
US naval bases in Hawaii.
Here's our thirty-second president 
delivering his iconic speech~
This of course, was back when leaders were leaders.
It's almost five minutes in length but every second is
worth watching.

Seventy three years later, we  honor the sacrifices 
of not just the men stationed 
on the USS Arizona and  in and around Pearl Harbor, 
but  also the courage of those who enlisted,
 beginning on December 8, 1941,
to fight in what would become World War II.
Among the hundreds of thousands who selfishly flocked 
to enlistment offices that day
was my  Dad, who served until the end of WWII in 1945
as an army infantyman and earned the rank of Captain.
Here he is in a mystery picture.
We don;t know who took or exactly where, but somewhere in the
Philippines as he was sent to the Pacific Theater.

The Soldier in the Snapshot is a short poem I wrote about Dad.
He hardly ever talked of his experiences, 
yet instilled in us a deep sense of
patriotism and loyalty to our country.
Dad passed away 21 years ago and 
despite the disastrous state of much of our country now, 
I do think he'd be fiercely proud of our accomplishments.
I really do.
Friends, with that, an advent linky:
I'm honored to be a host in the Catholic Bloggers Network 
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Last week, for the first week of advent, 57 bloggers linked their amazing
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Isn't that wonderful??
Here's my post,

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  1. Chris,

    I just stopped by to thank you properly for nominating my blog for the Homeschool Blog awards. Also I want to congratulate you for your own nominations. Best Encourager and Best Photo blogs... Did I miss any others? I really do think you are a wonderfully encouraging friend and fellow blogger. This is a perfect nomination category for your blog. I hope you win! (I love your photos too!) Must run. The girls are waiting for me. Love to you! xxx


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