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Catholic Relief Services' Rice Bowl ~ 40 Years, 40 Days, $40

Hunger in our world today?
"A sad sign of a globalization of indifference...
 slowly  making us get used to the 
suffering of others as though it were a normal thing."
-Pope Francis 

During a World Food Day ceremony in Rome, the Holy Father addressed the
UN Food and Agriculture Organization, noting in his message, 
the harsh reality that a third of all the food produced globally ends up in the trash.

"This waste of food is one of the results of our throw-away culture 
that often leads to the sacrifice of 
men and women before the idols of profit and consumerism."
(for the full story, see the Official Vatican Network)

Those  looking to answer 
 the Pontiff's call to attend to the plight of our impoverished  brothers and sisters
can look to Catholic Relief Services' revolutionary work, 
which has helped lift millions out of poverty since its founding in 1943.

CRS, the official, international humanitarian agency of 
the Catholic community in the United States,
and the official overseas relief agency 
of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops,
 is  currently working in 93 countries tangibly supporting those of us in need.

I'm seriously honored to be an 'official' blogger on behalf of CRS,
 <yes me, how 'bout that >
one of a group of bloggers and journalists
spreading word not only around the humanitarian efforts
of this amazing organization, but  specifically as Lent approaches, 
about Operation Rice Bowl.
Of course you know those iconic cardboard "rice bowls?"
Those staples of Lent that have become tradition for families and parishes
since their inception in 1975?

And wow, I may have been among the first group of grade schoolers
to excitedly grip  a nifty little paper bowl on my way home from school....
Our Lady of Lourdes in Queens on
 Ash Wednesday in, oh,  4th grade or so.
I remember Mom making the rice bowl our "Lenten centerpiece" and I 
was determined to make a difference by filling it up with "a dime a day" 
as Sr Patrice instructed us!

For the past forty Lenten seasons, generations of Catholics have contributed alms
to Rice Bowl, the largest Lenten program in the US, 
totalling approximately $250 million and alleviating hunger and poverty
right here in our own communities, as well as worldwide.

 Joan Rosenhauer, executive vice president of
 U.S. Operations for Catholic Relief Services states,
 It’s the right time to step forward and fill  each Rice Bowl with $40 and 
make a lasting change for those who need our help.”

In addition to a collection of resources for educators, 
parish leaders and parents, 
CRS Rice Bowl app is easily for people to use on their mobile devices. 

Here's a peek at the truly amazing work of the CRS team on their
Tanzania Mission~~~
<#4Lent4  #CRSMedia #TanzaniaMission>

Still intrigued? 'Course you are.....
Then you'll want to follow my friend Lisa's Tanzania journal.
With the soybean farmers of Chengena Village
What a phenomenal photo!
Photo credit Lisa Hendey

Right about now,  Lisa's wrapping up her mission with #CRS,
 not just reporting  on Catholic Relief Services' efforts  in that area,
 but working right alongside the team as they build, grow  
and harvest crops alongside the amazing  people of 
southeast Africa.   
Here she is with the women of Chengena, 
after they taught her all about  soybean farming!
  According to Lisa, proceeds from rice bowl gifts help 
these lovely ladies purchase seeds and tools.....
Further, the proceeds from their farming efforts
 support their families in soooooooo many ways.

Let me wrap up for you all the important links and ways in which to connect with
CRS and their Operation Rice Bowl efforts: 

CRS Rice Bowl can be explored here and is also available
in an easy to navigate, attractive app right here.
for mobile devices and laptops as well as for Android users.
 CRS' can also easily be followed on these social media platofrms~ 
Twitter at @CatholicRelief and @CRSnews

It's always a privilege for me to blog about the herculean efforts of
Catholic Relief Services......

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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  1. How wonderful that you are blogging for this awesome organization in an official capacity, Chris! That is exciting. I'm saddened and shocked by the statistic that one third of all food ends up in the trash. That is mortifying! Thank you for bringing such an important cause to light, my friend.


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