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You're Invited to the Redeemed by Grace Webcast & Book Event! #ProLife #RedeemedbyGraceBook

                What do you get when you pair an amazing, inspirational,  award winning author, Roxane Salonen,  ( who also happens to be my friend!) with a woman of conviction, courage and wel  .....grace..... Ramona Trevino? You are blessed by a web event and a book,  Redeemed by Grace,  three years in the works, around the life journey of Mrs Trevino, called by Life Site News, the new Abby Johnson

            Mrs Trevino shares her story .......from  teen pregnancy, to an abusive early marriage, to accepting  a job as Planned Parenthood facility manager in order to presumably assist  young women in harsh situations similar to hers......all  the way to a life altering transformation which inspired  her  to leave the security of her job, fully return to her Catholic faith and become a pro life advocate and speaker! 

The webcast event~ Monday February 16: 
Would you like a peek into this landmark book, Redeemed by Grace, Mrs Trevino's compelling story, which will  be released Tuesday, February 17?? I knew you would..... !  
 Tune in on Monday February 16, for the free webcast event, during which we'll discover, according to the #RedeemedbyGraceBook webcast site:

  • How Ramona — a Catholic woman who’d once considered becoming a nun — was deceived into accepting a management position for America’s largest abortion chain
  • The shocking discoveries that began to awaken Ramona to the truth of how Planned Parenthood’s deadly agenda harms women and destroys children
  • Alarming secrets from behind the closed doors of Planned Parenthood that raised questions of ethical abuses and tax fraud
  • What finally drove Ramona to cry out in anguish and plead for God’s mercy and forgiveness
  • How God’s Divine Mercy transformed Ramona’s life, changing her from pro-choice worker to outspoken advocate for life and the Church
  • The crucial roles that Catholic radio, 40 Days for Life, and the Body of Christ played in helping Ramona take the leap of faith to abandon Planned Parenthood
  • The single most effective way to reduce Planned Parenthood’s business and change the hearts and minds of other clinic workers

Here's how we can   sign up for the event tomorrow night, Monday Feb 16~~
Click here to do so and to learn more about the presenters, which include Shawn Carney, David Berent  ( co- founders of 40 Days for Life), Lila Rose and Redeemed by Grace's authors, Roxane Salonen,  and Ramona Trevino, among many others.
Sounds amazing, doesn't it??

The Book~ 
About to be unpacked and hot off the press!
photo credit - Peace Garden Writer

I'm sooooooo  happy to share with you the book trailer, which Roxane introduced a few days ago, over at her lovely blog, Peace Garden Writer. Please head over to Roxane's home on the web for the backstory behind this awesome title!! But first, watch this sneak peek. It's intriguing......:

I have to admit to not having read Redeemed by Grace as of yet....but I'm sooo eager to get my hands on a copy!

And by the way, the honor of holding the banner at the 2015 March for Life???
That was Roxane's group, who hailed from Fargo North Dakota,
traveling by bus, to Washington DC!
What an honor, right?? Here's the full story..

And how about this wonderful news?
Our author, Ramona, is due any day with a sweet little girl!
We'll all want to stay tuned for   Baby Girl Trevino's arrival!!

I'll see all you folks at the webcast tomorrow!!
Thank YOU Roxane and Ramona for your tireless work in the pro life movement!

I'm honored to be a Compassion blogger!
                                    How can you sponsor a child through Compassion International?
Wait til you see these adorable faces!

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  1. God bless her for her testimony to the power of God's grace. Praying that she will touch many hearts!

  2. Wow, Chris. What a transformation. Thanks so much for sharing this book. And as always, thanks so much for linking up!


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