Thursday, April 16, 2015

5 Things Every Soccer Mom Needs, Just in Time for Mother's Day ~ #5faves

I guess you could say I'm kind of an expert in the sitting-on-the-sidelines-and-cheering-my-kids-on department! They've been playing organized sports for eight years....... on the CYO,  high school varsity and travel team levels.  Hey, many of us  are in the same boat.  And  by the way, if I wrote this a few years ago, I'd have a very different list, as coordinator of the local league. But since burnout set in and I'm now "just" a Mom on the sidelines, well, things have changed a bit. And for the better. I don't miss being in charge. 

 Moms of boys *and* girls cheering at  the fields, courts, rinks: you know we  spend a lot of time taking care of the kids' necessities ( and I'm thinkin' there's a future #5faves coming up for that too!... ) And whether it's batting, pitching, catching, goalkeeping, sinking baskets, defending, fielding, how about a few goodies to make our sideline time just a bit more fun, more productive,  more creative,  more comfortable? 

I got to thinking at my son's recent soccer practice this week about a few  treats that have become essentials while driving,  cheering  and waiting.  Here goes~!!

I'm thinking  you will fall in love with this
 AC and USB port power converter. Talk about boosting  your productivity/creativity online during the kids' practices.  It's become a godsend to me during downtime whether the several hours of weeknight practices or the team's warm up hour prior to the game.
I can comfortably  sit in my car with  the laptop, keep an eye on my son at practice,
 while I also  get organized with lesson planning, bill paying, photo upload,
blog post writing,  list making, email responding. 
You can plug into your cigarette light with AC and USB port! Perfect!

                     In addition to sports sidelines, we're also huge camping fans (hence the blog title!) We only only only  buy Coleman products for outdoor usage. They may cost a bit more, but they endure the beatings of time, weather and wear. You can spill anything on this surface and it cleans beautifully. And the cup holders area huge advantage.
            Ever back up over a chair in a we-have-got-to-get-to-the-field frenzy that you  could have sworn you put in the trunk BEFORE you got behind the wheel ?  Yeah me too. Did said chair survive? If so, it was a Coleman chair!!  'Nuf said. I'd suggest black too. It's just nice and sleek looking.:

Garmin GPS

Besides the travel to games and meets all over our vicinity, we typically drive eight to ten thousand miles per summer exploring sections of our great country.
(And here are  my Visions of the Southwest and Forever West travelogues from the past couple of summers for those among you who are also travel freaks and would like to take a peek and have a chat! )
Anyway, this GPS is the bomb.
Off roading in Monument Valley, trekking to a ghost town in Montana, or just taking the
expressway to this weekend's game. It's perfect.

My indispensable camera...the Nikon Coolpix
was a Mother's Day gift last year! It captures amazing stills, videos, action.
 My hubby scoured tons of electronic stores and wound up buying the Nikon right here at amazonIt didn't come with a bag, so I picked  up this nifty one from Case Logic  to protect it on our journeys.

Yup, as I said, we typically go Coleman, but in this case, the best thermos out there
is this stainless steel 40 oz carrier for your cuppa.  It cannot be beat.
Hot, cold, even's thin, fancy, big and perfect!
And my fave coffee? Forget those designer brands out there and stick with the 
standard and best: Folger's. Hazelnut is my my weakness. Enjoy!

Please head over to Jenna's at Call Her Happy 
for the SUPER fun #5faves shared! 

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  1. Great list Chris and all these products are useful for sure! I don't usually take my kids to soccer practices because my husband coaches and it's across town. 40 minutes in one direction to soccer practices for my 3 kids, three times/week! Aaaaaa! BUT being able to do computer work while watching practices would be a dream come true for me :) The Coleman chair also comes in handy on the sidelines (when Leah is old enough that I don't have to chase her :) haha!) Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed weekend! :)

    1. I remember those days of toddler-chasing well!! It seems like you'll never sit down!

      This, sitting-on-the-sidelines is new to us, too, since my husband always coached them...but now in this new league, the standard is a bit different and more intense than in our CYO. So it's different for him to be a spectator rather than running practices! And I'm loving "just" being mom!

      Thanks for stopping by Tracy

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This baseball mom concurs.
    We have all of the above.
    Can't be a sports home without them!

  3. That's five thing everyone needs, period, lol! Though, does anyone need a GPS anymore when we all have one on our smartphones these days? I used mine once and couldn't give it away after that. Thanks for sharing on Blogelina!

    1. Yes, necessary item! :)

      I actually do not have a smart for me, the GPS is needed. But yes, for most, not so.

      Thank you for stopping by Jebbica!!

  4. Great list! We're not quite into the parents-as-spectators phase yet, but when the time comes, I'm going to remember your wholehearted endorsement of Coleman. :-)

    1. Thanks Abbey! and thank you so much for visiting!! Heading over to your blog now!


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