Thursday, June 4, 2015

Five Minute Friday ~ GIFT 6/5/15 #fmf

Joining with Kate's tribe of #fmf writers over at Heading Home...
Just focus on "gift," set a timer for five and stream of consciousness.....go!

          Foggy mist breathing and rolling toward shoreline as dawn awakens our corner of the world.  Mauve and coral fingers reach from the east,  brightening the morning.  Illuminating the water lilies curving skyward,  the majestic mountains. 

The ever present,  rythmic swell of cicadas. The sun dappled sandy beach. The towering old growth pines -  they landmark our haven in the Adirondacks.  And have, for decades. 

By dusk , calm settles over the camp,  kids’ giggles and splashes reigned in after a day of memory making.  As day draws to a close, a regal Old Glory is carefully taken from flagpole up by route 9, where the constant swoosh of cars, the downshifting of trucks, wanes. 

Shadows lengthen from our island in lake’s center, stretching to shore.  Scattered lights pop on,  spilling glowing yellow stripes across lake’s surface.  Patterns dance and flow onto the sand.  Campfires are spotted around lake’s perimeter. Flames shooting;  sparks  snapping.  

Friendships form and cement.  A few staccato laughs,  but mainly hushed conversations over marshmallow roasting.  All the while, the aroma  of pine, cinder and promise weaves itself into our hair and sweathsirts,  ending a perfect August day.

This day, this gift, this treasure.
Like so many in our past and so many to come. Yet  unique and precious. 

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  1. Beautiful! Felt like I was sitting right there roasting marshmallows! You share so many gifts in those beautiful words!

    1. Amy
      Your comment made my day!

      Thank you my friend.


  2. Sweet memories!!! Praise the Lord for giving us the ability to recall those moments and somehow edit out the not so good in exchange for the good! Praying you have an awesome summer!!

    1. Oh my goodness!~ Yes on the editing out of the not-great!! Really good point Marisa!!

      Thank you for your visit!!

  3. Replies
    1. Aw, thank you, Alicia...and thanks for stopping by!

  4. So descriptive placing me right in the setting. Very nice!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words!!

      You're so sweet....thanks for visiting!

  5. You words were the perfect companion to the rainstorm that's pattering outside my window (with the frequent hum and buzz of my hummingbird friends). Summertime has so many gifts, doesn't it?

    1. YES< love that! Summer does provide us with countless and memorable gifts!!

      SO so true...... Sounds like a beautiful storm - the way you describe it!

      Thanks for visiting !!

  6. Beautiful words and descriptions - makes me want to go where you are! :)

    1. Aw, thank you Becky - - for your kind comment and for stopping by!

  7. Exquisite writing, Chris. I was also transported there! Perhaps I could write about a June day in green England... Xxx

    1. Well, that's a beautiful compliment Lucinda.... thank you!!

      And I would LOVE a post on green England!! In June or any time.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks so very much for visiting, Grantham!!

      I appreciate your kind comment so much~~


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